Further extracts from the interview Gen Zaluzhny gave to The Economist.

Info obtained from the LinkedIn page of Maryna Chekh.

Dec 15, 2022.

In an interview with the British magazine The Economist, Valery Zaluzhnyi admitted that the mobilization in Russia gave a certain result

“The Russian mobilization worked. It is not true that their problems are so terrible that these people will not fight. They will. The tsar ordered them to go to war, and they are going to war. I studied the history of the two Chechen wars – it was the same,” – said Zaluzhny

He added that the Russian military may be poorly equipped, but they still pose a problem for Ukraine

“According to our estimates, they have a reserve of 1.2-1.5 million people… The Russians are training about 200,000 fresh soldiers. I have no doubt that they will have another attempt to attack Kyiv,” said the Commander-in-Chief Armed Forces

Also from Zaluzhnyi’s quotes:

▪️About Surovikin:

“With all due respect to Mr. Surovikin, if you look at him, he is an ordinary commander from the time of Peter I, let’s say, a murderer. You look at him and understand that either you complete the task or you are finished. And we realized a long time ago that this approach does not work.”

▪️About the counterattack:

“I know I can defeat this enemy. But I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 BMP, 500 howitzers. Then, I think, it is absolutely possible to cross the border on February 23″

▪️About mobilization:

“We are already conducting it as it is. We have enough people and I can clearly see what I have. I have enough. I don’t need hundreds of thousands more. We need tanks, we need armored personnel carriers, we need infantry fighting vehicles. And we need ammunition…”

▪️About Crimea:

“In order to reach the borders of Crimea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine must cover a distance of 84 km to Melitopol. This will be enough, since the liberation of Melitopol will give Ukraine full fire control of the land corridor to the ARC – the Armed Forces of Melitopol will be able to fire on the Crimean Isthmus from the same “Khaimars”.

In a word, we believe in ZSU

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More info from The Economist interview. This time from The Kyiv Independent: “Ukraine’s Armed Forces are preparing a new major military operation, but “it’s not visible yet,” Chief Commander Valerii Zaluzhnyi said in an interview with the Economist.

With the limited resources Ukraine has, it’s very difficult to conduct large-scale military operations, but this one will not require a lot of ammunition, according to Zaluzhnyi. He didn’t provide further details.

The chief commander added that the number of shells the Ukrainian army has and the allies could provide was very limited. Zaluzhnyi cited Antony Radakin, the head of the U.K. Armed Forces, who had told him that if Ukraine used too much ammunition, Europe “would have nothing to live on.”


  1. There is a sense of this being a
    very important interview.
    His “shopping list” must be followed to the letter. Then doubled. :-

    “resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 BMP, 500 howitzers. Then, I think, it is absolutely possible to cross the border on February 23″

    By “BMP”, I assume he means Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhoty: amphibious vehicles. Anyone know?

    By “border” does he mean Crimea?

  2. Ben Wallace (UK Defence Sec) gave an interview to the Times today that suggested announcements about longer range missiles are in the pipeline.
    What he did reveal was that production of NLAW’s was being stepped up at the factory in Northern Ireland and Britain, Norway and (I think) Denmark are funding the attempts by ex-communist bloc countries such as Slovakia etc, to tool up for mass production of ammo for Ukrainian artillery systems.

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