Partisans helped: the Armed Forces eliminated more than 100 Russian occupiers in Horlivka

Victoria Gordienko18:57, 14.12.22

The defenders of Ukraine destroyed the personnel and military equipment of the invaders with a point strike.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine "zakobzonil" more than 100 occupiers in Horlivka / photo
The Armed Forces of Ukraine “zakobzonil” more than 100 occupiers in Horlivka / photo

Russian soldiers continue to die en masse in Ukraine. In particular, the other day in Donbas, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated more than 100 invaders.

As the Center of National Resistance reported, such a result was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Ukrainian underground and the military Defenders of Ukraine destroyed the personnel of the Rashists and military equipment with a point-blank strike.

It is emphasized that everyone can be involved in the victory in the war with the Rashists.

“If you know where the enemy’s warehouse or command post is located, you can anonymously inform us of the coordinates using the  link ,” the message says.

In addition, the activists reminded that the hunt for “Wagnerians” is ongoing. The local population of the temporarily occupied territories is asked to transmit data on the location of a cluster of criminals who call themselves a “private army”.

War in Ukraine: losses of the Russian Federation

As UNIAN wrote, the armed forces continue to “crush” the occupiers. Thus, as of December 14, the total combat losses of the enemy among personnel amounted to about 96 thousand. Of them, 740 people were liquidated in the last day.

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