‘Houses Jumped Up’: Explosions In Russia’s Bryansk, Kursk Regions

Local residents have reported an attack on one of the military units


Explosions were heard in Russia’s Bryansk Region on the night of December 13.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine citing local media.

Loud explosions were heard by residents of the town of Klintsy as well as the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region.

“Houses jumped up,” says one local resident.

Other locals in Klintsy believe the explosions happened in one of the military units.

The town is about 60km from the border with Chernihiv Region of Ukraine and, according to open sources, has a motorized rifle regiment stationed there.

At the same time, local news resources say that the causes of the explosions in the settlements are believed to be different. There was a fire in Klimovo, but it started before the residents heard the explosions.

Klimov is about 30km from the Ukrainian border. There is a military airfield there.

There is no information about casualties so far. Authorities have not yet commented on what has happened.

There are also reports of explosions in Kursk region.

Earlier, Russia reported an attack on an airfield in Kursk. The area of the fire at the airfield in the suburbs is about 500 square meters.

British intelligence believes that the explosions at Russian airfields can be assessed as one of the most strategically significant Russian defence failures since they invaded Ukraine.


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