Russia: Massive fire guts Moscow shopping mall after similar explosion days before

A massive fire gutted a shopping mall on Moscow’s eastern outskirts on Monday, the second such blaze in four days. The blaze at the mall in Balashikha that trades in construction items and home decoration materials first erupted at a storage area and later spread to part of the building. A guard was hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes from the fire. Fire-fighting teams managed to localise it to an area of about 9,000 square meters and prevent it from engulfing the entire mall. Officials said the fire was caused by a short circuit that came amid heavy rain in Moscow.


    • Interesting! There was chatter on LinkedIn about a mall being torched. I thought they were on about the one from 3 days ago!
      Seems like partisans or special forces are on the job!
      They are not murdering civilians like RuZZia does. Perhaps they should hit them with the full putler?

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