John Sweeney’s Bakhmut, Ukraine War Diary, Day 288 – Distant Artillery

John has a personal message for putler at the end of his video.


  1. Couldn’t have put it better myself John. Especially the last bit.
    John is a veteran journalist and a loudmouth with a visceral hatred for the rodent nazi. So the time is overdue for him to make his UT debut.
    Btw, his video can’t be located on YouTube’s search engine; hence it’s only got a tiny number of views. His other vids have plenty of views as he is a well known ex-BBC guy. Could be a non-sinister explanation, but I doubt it.

  2. As he says, the Russian killing machine will do the same to every single Ukrainian city that they did to Bakhmut; if given half a chance. That’s why loads of heavy metal needs to be arriving constantly. No more of the “trickle down” approach to munitions delivery.

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