Russian “zeks” were tortured for refusing to go to war in Ukraine (photo, video)

Marta Gichko11:52, 12/11/22

Bullying of prisoners was filmed, one of which got into the media.

In Russia, prisoners were tortured for refusing to go to war /
In Russia, prisoners were tortured for refusing to go to war /

In the Kaluga penal colony, security forces tortured prisoners who opposed recruitment for the war in Ukraine.

According to “Caution, News” with reference to human rights activists, the prisoners were beaten and tortured for refusing to fight. The security forces called it “educational work” with prisoners who refused to go to participate in the war against Ukraine due to their convictions and also did not approve of sending other convicts to the war.

The head of the human rights organization, Vladimir Osechkin, said that there are regions where “thieves” and “thieves” cooperate with special services to recruit convicts, and in other colonies, criminal authorities “consider it unacceptable to be able to take up arms on the orders of people in uniform.” The recruiters complained about this and the special services were instructed to “deal” with the prisoners.

“Our source gave us photos and videos that the jailers themselves filmed for a report upstairs. Behind the scenes were tortures and beatings, which, for obvious reasons, were not filmed. All this suggests that the authorities deliberately worsen the situation of convicts in the camps and create conditions for coercion to go to the slaughter,” says Osechkin.

The footage published by shows four prisoners. Two of them are sitting in handcuffs, pressing their heads to the table, the third head is pressed to the table by a security officer in clothes and a helmet. The fourth prisoner was placed facing the wall.

In the published videos, two prisoners, who are hunched over with their arms folded back, are forced to repeat that they deny the thieves’ traditions. “zeks” were tortured for refusing to be recruited by the PMC “Wagner”

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  1. Not the best precondition of acquiring combat-worthy soldiers, when you must first torture them into submission. When will the last ruskie dingle ball finally realize that they ALL could be called upon to get killed for the filthy little rat’s criminal war?

    • They think its not their problem…until its their problem. They are willing to sacrifice people and reputation for a few table scraps stolen from Ukraine. They would rather go through prison, torture and death than to organize a protest and give the Berkut or Oman hell.

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