Kremlin shill Peter Hitchens has just published the following:


  1. Hitchens travelled to Crimea back in 2010 and wrote a sly, lying and detailed article that set out all the kremlin talking points we know so well today, that explained why invading Ukrainian land would be justified.
    Four years later it actually happened and all those points came out again; to be repeated ad nauseum ever since.
    That notorious article is stored in the UT archive, if anyone is interested.
    The Mail, unfortunately, is the largest English language news site in the world.

  2. The time is surely overdue for emergency legislation in countries like the US and U.K. to stop Hitchens and his US analogue Tucker Carlson from functioning as components of the war machine of a genocidal fascist power.

  3. Hitchens kind of misses the point. It doesn’t really matter if they are placed in Quebec 370 miles away or not when they can so easily be launched by submarines that are 12 miles off of strategic US areas. Even if they are launch from Quebec, the US can still react and easily wipe China off the face of the Earth.

    I think things were a bit different in the Cuban Missile Crisis before the advent of nuclear subs. Anyway, is Russia really that any safer if NATO arms are not in Ukraine? The US simply does not need nukes in Ukraine for deterrent, and Russia has little to fear even if they did.

    There is simply no way to have a preemptive nuclear strike on the US (or Russia) without a counter that ends things.

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