Ukraine’s Air Force has already launched 3,800 strikes on enemy positions, equipment, ammo depots


Ukraine’s Air Force has already launched more than 3,800 group airstrikes on the enemy positions, equipment, and ammunition depots.

“Our pilots launch strikes every day, prevent the enemy from having rest, and help our ground troops and other defense forces advance in certain directions and hold the defense in certain directions as well. It happens every day. The Air Force has already launched more than 3,800 group airstrikes on enemy positions, equipment, troops clusters, ammunition depots, etc. It really happens every day,” Yuriy Ihnat, Spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said during the nationwide telethon.

As reported, the Defense Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 93,390 Russian invaders from February 24 to December 9.

Moreover, the Ukrainian troops destroyed 2,937 enemy tanks, 5,912 (+1 over the past day) armored personnel vehicles, 1,926 (+1) artillery systems, 395 MLRS, 211 air defense systems, 281 aircraft, 264 helicopters, 1,603 operational-tactical UAVs, 592 cruise missiles, 16 ships/boats, 4,531 (+3) vehicles and fuel tanks, 164 special equipment units.


  1. That Ukraine’s air force has survived this long and even managed to conduct so many strikes is nothing short of amazing.

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