Terrible details of the abduction of a writer killed by Russians in the Kharkiv region have surfaced

Olga Robeyko08:15, 09.12.22

According to his mother, the writer was “surrendered” to the Russian invaders by fellow villagers.

Vakulenko was killed by the Russians / photo by Volodymyr Vakulenko on Facebook
Vakulenko was killed by the Russians / photo by Volodymyr Vakulenko on Facebook

49-year-old Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Vakulenko was buried in Kharkiv the other day . His body was found in a mass grave near Izyum after being abducted by the Russian occupiers.

The victim’s mother says that her son was handed over to the Russians by her fellow villagers, Obozrevatel reports. According to the woman, these traitors are currently not in the village.

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Vakulenko decided not to run away from his native village of Kapitolivka in the Kharkiv region, not being afraid that the invaders might “take” him because of his pro-Ukrainian position.

After entering the village, the Russians visited Vakulenko twice. For the first time on March 22, they took Volodya with her 14-year-old son and released her in the evening of the same day.

On March 24, Vakulenko was taken from the house in slippers and an old sweater, no one saw him alive again. The burned-out mother of the writer now says:

“I know exactly which of the local residents betrayed my son. Now this man is not in the village, he has gone somewhere. But he was not the only one who was a knocker. Two or three weeks after Volodya was taken away, two military men came to the house again. They brought another villager, they also wanted to take my son. Where this traitor is now, I don’t know either.”

Who is Volodymyr Vakulenko?

Volodymyr Vakulenko is the author of 13 books, among them collections of children’s poems, which he dedicated to his son Vitaly, who suffers from autistic disorder. 

The writer is known for his pro-Ukrainian position, he is a participant in the Revolution of Dignity, during which he was wounded by “aunties” in Mariinsky Park.

He was awarded the “Silver Trident” award. Volodymyr is also a laureate of the International “Coronation of Words” competition.

50-year-old writer Volodymyr Vakulenko disappeared in his native Kharkiv Oblast in March 2022 during the occupation. Later it became known that his body was found in a mass grave in Izyum after being abducted by the Russians .

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  1. Absolutely terrible. Murdered by savages after being betrayed by quisling vermin.
    For Ukraine, it is no longer just a matter of winning the war. Revenge must be extracted and all the hideous crimes of Zwastika paid for in full.

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