In Russia, there is already a second big fire in a day: a factory for the production of tires is on fire

Violetta Orlova09:16, 09.12.22

Thick dark smoke rose above the factory.

They are trying to contain the fire / screenshot
They are trying to contain the fire / screenshot

On the morning of December 9,  a tire plant in Barnaul, Russia caught fire .

According to the TASS propaganda resource , the fire broke out in one of the production buildings on an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. m.

A decision was made to increase the grouping for extinguishing. Thick dark smoke rose above the factory.

The company produces tires under the well-known Nortec brand. tire factory in Barnaul is on fire

Fires in Russia on December 9

This is the second big fire in Russia in a day. Earlier it became known about the fire in the shopping center “MegaKhimka” in the suburbs of Moscow.

According to preliminary data, the roof of the hypermarket caught fire. The fire covered at least 17,000 square meters of the shopping center. One death is known.

Damage from the fire in Khimki, taking into account the parked cars, can amount to 20-30 billion rubles.

The version about fire safety violations is being considered , the version about arson was rejected.

The premises were allegedly detonated due to explosions of gas cylinders. It is also reported that paint materials were stored in warehouses.

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  1. It sure would be GREAT is more of this occurred in Russia. You REAP what you SOW. Don’t want innocent Russians to be killed or hurt but I trust Ukranian does not go after civilians as does Russia!

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