The friends of Ukraine are providing her with the means to defend herself; but nothing more.

Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press.

December 8, 2022

The aggressor will probably have lost c.110,000 invaders by the anniversary of their Holocaust next February.

Putin will regard that as a good result. In WW2, excluding Ukraine and the USSR members, Russia lost maybe 8 million soldiers in 4 years. If losses continue at the present rate, the psychopathic dictator will only lose 1.1m even if it goes on for 10 years. A figure that is nothing to a totalitarian fascist regime with grandiose imperial designs.

Putin is betting on a Trump or DiSantis victory in 2 years. He only has to keep his Holocaust going until then and US military assistance to Ukraine; already pitiful in relation to the size of Its mighty economy, will drop off even more. Possibly to next to nothing.

If Trump is forced to withdraw; either because of criminal charges or a drop in support, his cheerleaders will likely transfer their allegiance to DiSantis.

The allies are providing Ukraine with the means to defend herself; nothing more. Does Biden really think that Ukraine can win quickly; or even win at all, with 20 HIMARS, no NFZ, no modern tanks and no F16’s?

The allies’ strategy needs to have an urgent rethink, if this horror is to end by spring. The following is the minimum requirement for a reasonably quick victory. Otherwise, Putin and his successor will just grind on:

The strategy of the kremlin murder gang is clear: keep going. For as long as it takes to fully absorb Ukraine. The number of Ukrainian losses and Russian losses are immaterial to them. They have approximately 3.5 times the population of Ukraine and will continue to enjoy the overt support of the BRICS, plus Iran, Syria, Austria, Hungary etc, plus the covert support of France and Germany.

They intend to assemble an army of several millions in order to take and subdue Ukraine.

A commenter in the Daily Telegraph today points out that the Russian public are being prepared for a long war. Martin Mitchel:

“Critical Threats today;
Putin is setting conditions for a protracted war of conquest in Ukraine. During a meeting with the Russian Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights Putin remarked that the “special operation” in Ukraine can be a “lengthy process” and that the acquisition of new territory is a significant result of this process for Russia. Putin compared himself favorably with Peter the Great by noting that Russia now controls the Sea of Azov which Peter the Great also fought for. This invocation of Russian imperial history explicitly frames Putin’s current goals in Ukraine as overtly imperialistic and still maximalist. Putin is conditioning Russian domestic audiences to expect a protracted, grinding war in Ukraine that continues to seek the conquest of additional Ukrainian territory.
The Russian information space responded positively to Putin’s assertions and set further conditions for the protraction of the war, with one milblogger comparing Ukraine to Syria and noting that Russian forces did not start meaningfully experiencing victories on the battlefield until years into the operation. ISW has previously observed that the Kremlin has been setting information conditions for the protraction of the war in Ukraine since the summer following Russian forces’ dismal failures to secure and retain their primary objectives. This informational conditioning is fundamentally incompatible with any discussions regarding a ceasefire or negotiations. Putin seems unwilling to risk losing domestic momentum by halting his offensive operations even briefly, let alone to pursue an off-ramp short of his full objectives, which, as he is making increasingly clear, appear to include the reconstitution of the Russian Empire in some form.”

Lavrov is quoted yesterday on RIA Novosti:

“If there is a serious proposal on how to stop the conflict in Ukraine, we are ready to talk, but it must take into account the interests of Russia.”

“The interests of Russia” have not changed: they want all Ukraine and don’t care how many die or how long it takes. Nazis don’t stop until they are stopped.

David Kuchukhidze posted the following today on LinkedIn:

“Bakhmut is bleeding: this is what the genocide of the Ukrainian nation looks like: rashists level the city to the ground, they are opposed by our Defenders, and all around is hell.”

There is an intelligence at work here in this horror. Malignant, savage and depraved, but intelligence. Bakhmut is just a component of a planned, deliberate, systematic program of genocide: as revealed by RIA Novosti, Dmitry Medvedev, Margarita Symonyan etc and confirmed by distinguished historian Timothy Snyder.

Gen Lloyd Austin’s recent statement: “We’re not going to get dragged into Putin’s war” is starting to look and feel like a terrible betrayal. Firstly it reveals America’s hand and secondly it gives a green light to Putin to do whatever he wants.

Only America has the power to stop this 21st century genocide and its leadership must change course now.

The kremlin murder gang respects only raw power. Nothing else has even the slightest effect.

Although at least if there was in place a powerful, crushing sanctions regime, that would hurt them a lot more than the present inadequate and feeble effort.


  1. Another demented TDS patient that ignores the fact that during Trumps 4 year term, the tiny dictator didn’t advance anything from the Donbas and the fighting actually decreased a little. Don’t look for credibility from these guys, just more Kremlin propaganda…

    • Just because pootin wasn’t increasing his hostility during the Trump administration, does not mean Trump kept him at bay. Putler was too busy laughing at the U.S. even though Trump’s erratic style left him unsatisfied in what he thought he would gain. Pootin’s hope during that time was that Donbass region would still be part of Ukraine to drag it down while having some level of autonomy to behave as putler wished. When it became clear in 2018 that this was not going to happen he started preparing for a complete take over of Ukraine.

    • A carefully researched article that shows the diabolical prospect of Russia preparing for many years of war, that quotes experts, contains only factual information, shows heartbreaking, terrible, graphic proof of systematic, planned genocide against innocent Ukrainian civilians by Russia, that criticises the current U.S. govt and the west in general for its hopelessly inadequate response to one of the worst crimes in history, that calls for a massive increase in military support for Ukraine as she defends herself from genocide, that presents a detailed analysis of the current plans of the kremlin to destroy Ukraine, that references the work of a learned academic who has provided irrefutable evidence of genocide, is somehow kremlin propaganda?
      How is it possible to arrive at such a strange and perverse conclusion?

      • “Putin is betting on a Trump or DiSantis victory in 2 years. He only has to keep his Holocaust going until then”

        Just like Kremprop, it flies in the face of the facts. If it were true Putin certainly would have moved on Ukraine during the Trump years…except….he didn’t. He moved while Biden was VP and President. Those are the facts.

        • In February, Trump obsequiously congratulated fellow psychopath putler on unleashing genocide. You saw the stomach-churning words he used; worse than anything from even Tucker Carlson.
          In May, instead of showing contrition and shame, as any person with empathy would, he doubled down by insultingly opposing the $42bn aid package and influencing his followers to object. Putler whore Taylor-Greene has already vowed to cause as much trouble as possible next year when they will have a majority.
          Trump’s malignant halfwit son then said that all aid to Ukraine must be canceled “because a Ukrainian missile hit a Nato country; Poland.”
          He’s got millions of followers.
          Thanks to him, the putinoid alt-right and QAnon cults exist and thrive. Recently he even broke bread with two devoted putler fanboys: self-proclaimed nazis Nick Fuentes and Kanye West, at Mar A Lago.
          Trump, his family, his business associates, friends and political associates are demonstrably a mortal threat to Ukraine.
          Take a look at the heartbreaking photos in the article. That’s what Trump congratulated putler on.

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