Putin accused Ukraine of Russia shelling critical infrastructure (video)

Lyudmila Zhernovska15:20, 08.12.22

He called the reaction to the shelling “a bang on the whole universe.”

The Russian dictator continues to blame Ukraine for the actions of the Russian Federation / Screenshot
The Russian dictator continues to blame Ukraine for the actions of the Russian Federation / Screenshot

The President of the Russian Federation , Vladimir Putin , accused Ukraine of the fact that the Russian army is shelling the country’s critical infrastructure. 

Such a statement was made after the awarding ceremony of the Russian occupiers in the St. George’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, Russian media reported.

“Now there is a lot of noise about our strikes on the energy infrastructure of a neighboring country. Yes, we are doing it. But who started it? Who struck the Crimean bridge, who blew up the power lines from the Kursk nuclear power plant, who is not supplying water to Donetsk? Failure to supply water in millions the city is an act of genocide. No one has said a word about it anywhere. In general, there is complete silence. We only need to move and do something in response – a noise, a rumble, a crash for the whole universe,” Putin said.According to the Russian dictator, this will not prevent Russia from “carrying out combat missions.”

https://www.unian.ua/player/NCkKLOQRPutin about massive shelling of Ukraine

Mass shelling of Ukraine

As reported by UNIAN, in the fall, the Russian army began massively shelling the critical infrastructure of Ukraine. After the attacks, power outages began in the country, a blackout occurred on November 23 .

Ukraine’s partners are handing over transformers and generators , which should ease the situation with energy supply.

The press secretary of the Kremlin, Dmytro Peskov, said after one of the shellings that Ukrainians were left without heat and electricity because the government “refuses to negotiate” and does not want to “solve the problem” .

According to Kyryll Budanov, the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,  Russia will have enough weapons for several more large-scale attacks .

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  1. Standard projection. Blame the enemy for exactly what you are doing. It’s the sort of thing his ilk have been doing for nearly 100 years.

  2. “Yes, we are doing it. But who started it? ”

    You did you dwarf bastard. 3 days after you invaded, the utilities in Irpin and Bucha were destroyed by your vermin. This resulted in no power, water, gas or internet. How do I know, I was fucking there.

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