Powerful Explosion Heard In Central Part Of Sevastopol

A strange sound was heard a few seconds before it happened


A powerful explosion took place in the central part of Sevastopol at 6:50 local time, reports a correspondent of .

A loud long sound, similar to a rocket launch, was heard a few seconds before the explosion occurred.

The Crimean Wind telegram channel, citing local residents, reported that “car alarms went off in Streletskaya Bay and Letchiki districts as a result of the explosion”.

Russian authorities in Sevastopol, as well as the Russian Defence Ministry, have not yet commented on the situation. Ukrainian officials and the military have also not commented on the incident .

“Sevastopol. At 6.50 something glowing was flying and sparks could be seen,” eyewitnesses to the explosions said.



  1. Ukraine is firing up cockroaches left and right!
    It pleases me to see exploding and burning ruskie material!

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