‘Less use than toilet paper.’

Robin Horsfall. Dec 7, 2022

Putin says that the attacks on Russian military airfields are ‘an escalation’ and threatens ‘necessary measures’. He is like the rapist who tells his victim that she made him do it by resisting.

Putin’s bombers were loaded with cruise missiles, ready to take off and launch yet another attack on Ukrainian civilians. While those aircraft sat on the ground ready to go, they were vulnerable and open to attack. The attack by Ukraine was an act of self-defence. It prevented Putin from murdering more Ukrainian civilians.

There is little Putin can do that he hasn’t already tried. As a result of his failures, he is desperately trying to lay some level of blame for his attempted rape of Ukraine on his victims.

It won’t wash, Ukraine fought back and scratched his eyes out and he is bleating and bleeding.

In the coming weeks Russia will continue to retreat and threaten terrible consequences, they will make outrageous demands in the pretence of offering the end of hostilities. This is a common Russian ploy. When they eventually offer something feasible it will be portrayed as a negotiation.

President Zelensky can be sure of two things. First, every promise that Putin makes will be a lie, every paper that Putin signs will be less use than toilet paper. Secondly, the only thing Putin will respect is power. Putin must be castrated (metaphorically), or he will be back to rape again.

Putin’s will say it is because we made him do it! Let’s make sure he is right, and we make him go home and stay there!

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall






  1. Indeed, Mr. Horsfall, only a complete military defeat of mafia land is to be accepted. I hope that we will see many more attacks on mafia land and much more devastating ones.

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