In the committee of the US House of Representatives, the proposal of the Trumpists to introduce an audit of aid to Ukraine failed

Yana Stavska08:08, 08.12.22

But, as the publication notes, this does not mean that Republicans close to Trump will not be able to introduce this measure.

The author of the resolution promised to put her proposal to the vote again in January / photo
The author of the resolution promised to put her proposal to the vote again in January / photo

The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives rejected the Republican proposal to introduce an audit of military aid to Ukraine by 26 votes to 22.

The measure requires the executive branch to turn over to Congress all documents and communications related to aid to Ukraine no later than “14 days after the date of adoption of this resolution,” writes The Washington Post .

But, as the publication notes, this does not mean that Republicans close to Trump will not be able to introduce this measure. The author of the resolution, Marjorie Taylor Green, promised to bring her proposal to a vote again in January, when the Republicans will have a majority in the House of Representatives.

The Republican Party itself noted that this measure does not deprive Ukraine of either current or future funding. It’s more about transparency, said Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett.

In their turn, the democrats are insisting on the rapid delivery of weapons to Ukraine, including those capable of protecting it from Russian energy attacks.

The co-authors of the resolution were representatives of right-wing republicans.

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  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene is pure evil. A hateful conspiracy theorist who wants Ukraine destroyed. Yet even she has not (yet) said anything quite as vile as Gospodin Trumpkov, who warmly congratulated the rodent fuhrer when he unleashed his genocide.
    A vote for the Trump faction is a vote for genocide.

      • Where were you in Feb 2022 when Trump adoringly congratulated his hero on unleashing mass murder on Ukraine?
        Where were you when he opposed the $42bn aid package and ordered his faction to oppose it?
        Where were you in 2014 when Trump endorsed the theft of Crimea?

        • I was fighting for Ukraine in 2014…with the 79th because of your Obama/Biden giving the little green men, authorization to invade.

          Did you like the money paid by Russia to Biden…

          You do know that helped open Nordstream for the Russian. don’t you? As soon as Biden took office, he removed the Trump sanctions.

          I see you ignore this like a good little American of the Leftwaffa

        • Were you posting Slava Ukraini in 2014, when Obama/Biden were in office and the Russian tanks invaded?

  2. No worries, the routine military audits continue so everyone will be happy, especially the US military. The real problem is the Moskali propaganda claiming the US is divided and others inserting partisanship into the US/Ukraine foreign policy. They will eventually feel shame.

  3. The Department of Defense (DOD) handles the aid. Ukraine has gotten no cash. The Pentagon was recently audited and failed. In my opinion, given how slow the aid is in arriving in Ukraine, there is something screwy going on at the Pentagon. The US FedGov is quite corrupt and I’m sure some political appointees were shunting some of the aid to places like FTX.

  4. An audit by the GAO might be interesting. Take for example HAWK missiles. If Biden wanted a lower cost, he’d claim the US is saving money on storage costs and reducing future needed military expenditures as they take out Russia missiles. Or if he wanted to inflate the aid amount, he’d pick some unreasonably high figure like original costs plus storage modified for inflation (as if anyone would pay premium costs for an outdated product).

    In any case, conservatives will do anything to discredit Biden that they can – claim a server with top-secret data was hidden in Ukraine by Hillary, claim Hunter has illegal dealing there and withhold aid if Ukraine doesn’t go along with a sham investigation, and claim that democrats are running child sex ring out of a pizza shop in DC. Truth and consequences don’t matter to conservatives – they only care for power.

    Stolen Ukrainian children probably matter to everyone though.

    • It takes no effort on the part of conservatives to discredit Biden. He does a very good job of that himself.

      So-called Conservatives (e.g. McConnel and McCarthy) only care about power. The hard left cares a lot about power and they are using Biden as a face of it. Biden is so mentally deranged he’s not doing anything himself.

  5. Trumpists??? Who writes these silly titles. Maybe get some education who really helped us in Ukraine. Putin stayed away when Trump was in office.

    This is the second time Putin attacked us …both times Biden was in office.


    • Putler’s timing had nothing to do with whom was in the WH. IMO he would have still made his move regardless of whom was elected.

      • Well, personally, I think Biden’s disgraceful handling of Afghanistan was … after the raucous laughter in the Kremlin subsided … a game changer for Putler and his gang. Meaning, they thought, if not attack now, when?

      • Naive as hell in America….Putin only understands strength. He’s not stupid.

        Trump he understood, as Trump was a person of action with words. Biden is corrupt and Putin knows cash is all he needs to Biden

        • The only actions Trump took were ones that were of benefit to him, his family and his buddies. Trump had a grudge against Ukraine from day 1 and now he flat out despises them.

        • Do you not know how cash strapped Trump is how many lawsuits have been filed against him and his business, as well as how many ongoing cases and investigations he in under?

  6. Besides giving us Arms to fight …..kept Putler at bay.

    Biden, two times in office, two invasions from Putin

  7. Biden was advocating for Ukraine during the Obama Admin even though Obama ignored him. Biden did manage to push through some military assistance as well as trainers to help Poroshenko rebuild the military from scratch.

    • Biden and Obama did nothing for us. Poroshenko, Bill, was a stooge, that’s why he lost in 2019 in a landslide to Zelensky, who Trump back over here

      • He was a”stooge” for revamping Ukraine’s military. Wow you are one messed up cat. He may not have been the greatest, but he is still supporting the military and went to hot zones.

        • My apologies for the “messed up cat” comment, you have your reasons for your opinion and I’m sure you had glimpses behind the presentation portrayed to the rest of the world in regards to Poroshenko. Glad you now have such a great President. Are you still in Ukraine? Did you reenlist?

  8. And you know very well the rashists were already there in 2014. What color was your unit flag and what symbol was on it?

    • They have been in the Donbas for awhile, correct. I call them Terrorists, as the little green men were amongst them too.

      Did you ever hear Obama or Biden mention the little green men in Donetsk, the Donbas, Crimea?

      Have you not served in America, Bill? Many in Ukraine serve We’ve been at war for 9 years with the Russians///and only in 2022, did American’s wake up and realize it was so. But for 9 years, it was a forgotten war to many, except those who came to visit and realize the war in the east and a restricted area to enter.

      Rashists?? I like how you appear to understand the terminology. Yes they are Rashists, but many do not know this till lately. It was American left who said we were the Nazi’s here in 2014. VICE came here and did a story on AZOV…disgusting too about how we were Nazis’. Every organization has it’s bad apples, but AZOV became the National Guard after 2014…a government organization, where they took control of recruiting etc etc etc.

      We changed it after I left in 2016 but it remains the same idea due to the nature of the work, the wings of Archangel Michael and sword….but after 2016, after I left, the organization changed quite a bit to what it is today.

      • Yes back then it was an ATO in regards to you calling them terrorists (which they still are).
        Our motto was “Will to Win” yes, I served.
        I know things were still ongoing war wise in spite of Minsk I saw reports of rashist’s breach of ceasefires every day.
        Yes, I know the comparisons of AZOV to nazis was all bullshit.
        Was the 79th attached to AZOV in some way.. some of the deployments were a bit confusing. I’m sure you must of seen a lot of serious shit being attached to 79th regardless of possible deployments.
        Were you at the Donetsk airport and Pisky at anytime?
        Just from what I can find I do believe you now that you served. But one last question what was on your patch?

        • The AZOV at the time, was not associated with the Ukraine Government. And no I was not at the airport. The AZOV after Maidan etc were incorporated into the National Guard. This was the Government, had control, recruiting, training, uniforms etc etc etc.

          In passing yes, I had no problems with the AZOV, they were devoted citizens

          The patch we had, at the time, i stated above, the sword and wings

          • I was more referring to the one with the parachute but as you said it may have changed since you were in.

    • Bill, I’m not hit to burst your bubble… It appears anyone who disagrees with your philosophy of politics is subversive. No, Bill, we are on the same side, but you think politics says what side you’re on. Absolutely false. That is what happened to America in the last 9 years, divisiveness.

      Do you think you must be on the left to support Ukraine?? Utter nonsense. I keep going back to 2014 as not even on here, did anyone pay attention to Ukraine when we were asking for help in 2013….

      Remember, Bill, In Unit is Power….. 😉

      • Honestly I do not declare as you said that anyone is subversive if they don’t agree with my personal philosopies or political veiws. However I will challenge misinformation even if it means finding out that I was the one who was misinformed.

      • Yes, we are on same side in regards to Ukraine. No, I don’t believe politics is always a good indicator as far as what “side” someone is on. Not sure of what you speak in regards to Ukraine asking for help in 2013 the only help the Ukrainian government was asking for then was help from the fucking ruzzians.

  9. Bill, here you go again….but lets look at you Bill. Are you Ukrainian? What help did you provide Ukraine in 2013 and 2014?

    • I was just asking you to prove by a couple statements (even though you could have looked it up) that you served. Pisses me off when people claim to be veterans that aren’t. Not sure where you went with the there you go again comment, but thanks for commenting back.

    • As I’ve told you before, I’m neither in nor from Ukraine. However I had and have friends there.

    • Air Assault..not airborne….is what it has become…rappelling. Now it’s Air Assault with more Airborne…

      Most changed after I left in 2016. As a matter of fact, much changes after 2016. larger, more organized etc etc etc.. for the good.

  10. I’m sure you know what you used in regards to anti-tank weapons, but looked like only two launchers were provided in the initial javelin delivery. I’m finding that of course Stugna-P and Korsars were available during the ATO phase.
    I was pretty messed up personally in 2014, but I did argue/debate with the kremtrolls and at one point in was in a live cam feed just south/southeast of the Donetsk airport. Admittedly I knew little of Ukraine other than mention on game of “risk”, then later some details of the “Orange Revolution”. During the Revolution of Dignity however that changed.

    • update: Found out that as many as 32 launchers were provided for the javelin initially. Also sniper rifles and some patrol boats were provided in that package.
      makes it more likely you could have got ahold of one Sir Bo. First when you said you had used one, “I thought no way”, thinking only two launchers were sent and one of them was in Kyiv. Anyways talk with you more later.

      • Finally someone who spells Kyiv correctly……. 😉

        I have no problem with someone being on opposite sides in politics, as I’m older. I respect you and you support of Ukraine…it is very much appreciated.

    • The FGM-148 Javelin is what was sent by the US when Trump was President in American

      “”””Trump approved the $47 million sale of 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 launchers to Ukraine. The missiles were the first lethal military assistance provided to Ukraine by the United States in its fight against Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine since that fighting began in 2014.”””””ABC News quoted this.

      The Revolution of Dignity is something many in the West don’t know of , or don’t understand.

      We wanted to be a associated with the West, not Russia. Unfortunately, the little green men, I mentioned earlier, were supporting the terrorists in the east and the Russian installed President, Yanukovych. Yanukovych was taking us back to his buddy, Putlicker.

      There are now old footage that can be found online of Kyiv, if you have not found it already.

      Later Bill

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