Self-defence is not escalation

From the FB page of Roman Sheremeta, Ukrainian-American economist.

Self-defense is not escalation. Yesterday, Russia fired 70 missiles from their airbases, destroying critical civilian infstructure and killing civilians. If Ukraine didn’t attack the airbases, more civilians would have been killed and there would be even more destruction.

Preventing rashists from launching missiles at civilian targets is the only way to stop these war crimes. Ukraine has every right to destroy Russian military targets that are used against Ukrianians. This is called defense and not “escalation.”

Shame on The New York Times for this incompetent and bluntly immoral rethoric.




  1. Just when you think the evil spirit of Walter Duranty has been vanquished, the NYT pulls him out from Satan’s rectum again. Bastards.
    Btw, Duranty’s Pulitzer has STILL not been revoked.

  2. “Ukrainian Attacks Deep Inside Russia Escalate the War”

    This is the sort of cheap sensationalism you get when you have a mediocre reporter writing about something he or she has no inkling about. The author should at least read through UN Chapter VII: Article 51. Using common sense would also do the moron a world of good. It’s mafia land that’s constantly escalating. Indeed, it was mafia land that started the whole war in the first place.
    The NYT doesn’t do itself any favors at all by tolerating such journalistic garbage.

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