AFU Hit Wagner PMC Unit With Salvo – Occupant Flies 20 Meters Away

Having stopped for a few seconds, the Russians made a fatal mistake


A video of the AFU hunt for the Wagner PMC unit, which was defeated by a spot salvo of Ukrainian artillery, has been published on the Internet.

The Russian military was liquidated during the retreat after receiving coordinates from the air – the flight of the Russians was recorded by a drone hovering in the air.

A fragment of the video is published by the Ukraine 365 Telegram channel.

In all likelihood, the Russians were retreating after a clash with the Ukrainian military, trying to rescue the wounded.

After stopping for a few seconds, the Russians made a fatal mistake: a shell landed in the place where they had gathered, killing everyone caught in its impact zone.

The video shows the body of one of the dead falling several dozens of meters away. Some of the surviving mercenaries are hiding in a trench, where the Ukrainian armed forces hit them as well.


  1. Superb.

    Although I think Westlife’s ‘Flying without wings’ would have made a better soundtrack.

  2. I support Ukraine but making light of people being blown to bits ( even if they are Wagner) does not help your cause. It’s not a good look and you will see western support wavering if blood thirsty vids and comments like yalls continue. You are better than this, do not become Orcs and revel in bloodlust.

    • Tom, these are bloodthirsty monsters. Maybe you should go to Ukraine to have a look see. Perhaps, you ought to imagine being tied up in a filthy dark, moist cellar, as one of those orcs is getting his pliers ready to break your fingers and toes, all of them, one-by-one. Maybe he will cut off your testicles? Maybe smash your skull with a sledgehammer? Hey, why not bring your wife and daughter and sister (if you have them) and let them get gang raped. How about buying an apartment in Bakhmut? Be close to the happenings of Vlad’s Ruskie mir!
      No, buddy, our support will not waver. Not because of a few guys who have real issues here, who have losses to claim, or who must fear that today or tomorrow could be the last we hear from a loved one, friend or have property smashed by a missile. If this is too much for you, then you are free to go elsewhere. I will stay with my glee over the deaths of these criminal invaders. They weren’t invited to Ukraine and certainly weren’t asked by us to commit murder, rape, loot, torture, and commit so many other despicable atrocities.

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