Ten reasons why the US should support Ukraine

From the FB page of Roman Sheremeta: Ukrainian-American economist, Founding member at Global Ukraine Foundation, Co Chair at Ukrainian American House, Associate Professor of Economics at Case Western Reserve University.

Dec 5

10 reasons why the US should support Ukraine

  1. It is the right moral thing to do. Seeing a genocide and doing nothing is a sign of moral bankruptcy. To quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” All civilized world stands with Ukraine because it is our moral obligation.
  2. The fight for freedom. The founding fathers of the US stated that liberty and freedom are the core American values. This is what America is known for in the world. And this is exactly what the Ukrainians are fighting for. They are fighting for freedom.
  3. Standing against tyranny and dictatorship. America always had a strong stance against dictators. The Republican Party in the past, represented by Regan, McCain, Romney had especially strong stance against russian tyranny. By punishing Russian imperialistic ambitions we are preventing other such future attempts in the world.
  4. Budapest Memorandum. In 1994, Ukraine agreed to relinquish its nuclear arsenal in exchange for the security assurances from the US, the UK, and Russia. Obviously, Russia has violated this as well as dozens of other agreements. But the US is not Russia, and we keep our promises. According to Steven Pifer, a US diplomat who participated in the talks: “there is an obligation on the United States that flows from the Budapest Memorandum to provide assistance to Ukraine, and […] that would include lethal military assistance”
  5. Strengthening NATO. Because of Ukrainian resistance to russia, a US-lead alliance has been strengthened by increased military commitments from its existing allies and addition of new allies, such as Finland and Sweden.
  6. Return on investment. NATO countries have spend about 4% of their 2022 budget on arming and helping Ukraine. In return, the russian military has been cut in half! Imagine that you have a company and by investing 4% of your annual budget you have removed your biggest competitor. Contrary to critics of military assistance to Ukraine, money spent on assisting Ukraine is the best way to spend money in the entire Pentagon budget, as it allows the US to debilitate one of its key adversaries without risking the life of a single American serviceman.
  7. Investing in American companies. When the US sends HIMARS or NASAMS, or any other military equipment, who benefits from it? American companies! Weapon supplies from the US will generate new orders for the same military equipment for American companies. By supplying Ukraine with weapons, the US is supporting its own military complex.
  8. Preventing nuclear blackmailing. When Russia started to lose war, Russian propagandists started to blackmail the US with nuclear weapons. Let me put it bluntly, as soon as we give in to nuclear blackmailing, we are done. Then any country with nuclear weapons can take the territory of another country and ensure victory by threatening the rest of the world. Moreover, it would mean that all the countries of the world should join the race of obtaining nuclear weapons! The only way to stop this madness is to punish Russia severely for nuclear blackmailing.
  9. Geopolitical benefits. Because of Ukrainian fight against russian tyranny, the EU has significantly weakened its ties with Russia (and China), and strengthened its ties with the US. Russia has been removed from political map. Russia is no longer a world super power. Their political and military influence has significantly diminished.
  10. American and world security. Ukrainian victory over Russia will do more for American security than virtually any other policy. It will change the global balance in a way that makes peace more likely in decades to come. By punishing and defeating Russia, the scenario for a US-China war in case of Chinese invasion of Taiwan will become very unlikely.

To summarize, it is obvious that supporting Ukraine is directly alighted with the US interests. So, let’s give Ukraine everything they need to win this war: best air defense systems, long range missiles, tanks, jets and attack helicopters.

The only path toward lasting peace in Ukraine and a geopolitical calm in the world is a decisive Ukrainian victory. Arm Ukraine Now – and give them the tools to finish the job.

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  1. His presentation is faultless and simply inarguable.
    America was the only country to come out of WW2 richer and will do so again after putler’s Holocaust. Helping Ukraine is a sound financial, as well as moral investment.
    With the right support, Ukraine will quickly recover and become an economic powerhouse.
    The pain inflicted by the cauldron of devilry will not go away though and neither will the hatred.
    All Russia must carry a heavy punishment for 100 years.

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