“Layout”: before the meeting with Putin, members of the Human Rights Council made a list of taboo topics – among them the loss of the Russian army and the execution of Yevgeny Nuzhin

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The head of the Human Rights Council (HRC), Valery Fadeev, agreed with the Russian presidential administration on topics that HRC members should not raise at the upcoming annual meeting with Vladimir Putin. This was reported by “Layout” with reference to two members of the council and one source close to the HRC.

The list of forbidden topics included, in particular, the enforcement of the law on “fakes” about the Russian army, the protests of the mothers of the mobilized, the execution of the prisoner Yevgeny Nuzhin , “Fadeev said that this was a trifle and a special case,” one of the sources conveyed the words of the head of the HRC about Nuzhin “Layouts”.

According to him, the topic of the losses of the Russian army at the front is also “not recommended to touch.” The sources of “Layout” called questions about the mobilized and their provision “dangerous” and said that it would be possible to ask them to Putin only “very carefully.”

At the same time, the HRC members are recommended to once again ask Putin about the mobilization, so that he again declares that it is over. According to Nestka sources, this is how the Kremlin wants to calm the Russians, who are worried about a possible second wave of mobilization.

In addition, the members of the council were offered topics that the president would be “pleased to talk about”. Among them are the state of the environment, sanctions against Russians in the West, the problems of refugees, and legislation banning LGBT propaganda.

The press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the Layout article, said that there would be no stop list of questions at the meeting of the HRC members with Putin.

The meeting of the members of the Human Rights Council with Vladimir Putin will take place on December 7 via video link.

In mid-November, Putin, by his decree, changed the composition of the HRC. 10 people were excluded from it, including human rights activists, and the head of the executive committee of the All-Russian Popular Front, a deputy from the annexed DPR and a war correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Kots, was added.

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