Zelensky commented on the fall of a Russian missile in Moldova

The President said that the only way to stop the war was to dismantle Russia’s terrorist capabilities.

Zelensky reacted to the incident in Moldova / photo point.md
Zelensky reacted to the incident in Moldova / photo point.md

Today’s next fall of a Russian missile in Moldova confirms that Russia poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the entire region, therefore, ending the terror of the Russian Federation is a common task of states.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated this in his evening video message . He noted that Russian terror again affects neighboring states, which is why electricity cuts began in Moldova. 

“And this once again proves that the Russian ability to carry out such massive terrorist strikes is a threat not only to Ukraine, but to our entire region. At a minimum,” Zelensky stressed.

According to him, when one terrorist destabilizes the lives of everyone, it is a common task to stop terror.

“This night I will talk about this in my address to the expert community of the American Institute for the Study of War and to all our friends in the United States,” the president said.

Zelensky also stressed that with today’s missile attack, Russia “marked” another anniversary of the signing of the Budapest Memorandum – a document whose fate provides answers to many of today’s questions about Russia.

“Simply signing something with these terrorists – there will be no peace. Simply agreeing something with them – they will definitely violate it. Giving Russia at least some of the security elements of others means a new war. Therefore, a fundamental continuation of the existing policy of conscientious states of the world is needed. : only the dismantling of Russian terrorist capabilities, only the liberation of all our land and only bringing the killers to justice can give peace. I believe we will come to this,” Zelensky stressed.

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