World needs security guarantees from Russia, not vice versa: Ukrainian official

mw/kb 04.12.2022, 20:01

Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov leaves no doubt as to who should be giving security guarantees to whom and what kind of guarantees does Russia deserve from the civilised world.

Macron caters to Russia in hope of accelerating peace negotiation

“Instead of Nürnberg [trials], an agreement with Russia and a handshake? The Ukrainians’ blood on Putin’s hand will not impede getting back to ‘business as usual’? It is a curious logic of backstage diplomatic dealings, which belong in the past,” wrote Danilov.

The idea that Russia, the greatest existing threat to world peace, needs any security guarantees is an idea so half-baked and clownish, that it is hard to imagine anyone would entertain the thought, let alone say something like that out loud. Who could possibly, say something so preposterous?

“Who wants to give security guarantees to Russia, a terrorist and killer state?” asked Danilov.

French President Emmanuel Macron, apparently.

“The West should consider how to address the need for security guarantees raised by Russia if Vladimir Putin agrees to negotiate in order to end the war with Ukraine,” said Macron during an interview given the day before. “Europe must begin to prepare to build a new security architecture on the continent and consider how it should look in the future.”

At least in the latter matter, the French President is correct. Europe will need to rethink how to be secure in the future. Up until the launching of the full-scale invasion by Russia, for some reason, the Kremlin was seen as a stabilising factor. February 24 should have dispelled that fantasy.

“It’s the world that needs security guarantees from Russia, not the other way around,” wrote Danilov. “The only guarantee [for Russia] is that the European judiciary is humanitarian – there is no death penalty after the sentence in The Hague,” he continued, adding that “the best guarantee for Europe and the world is a so-called Russia that is demilitarised and stripped of nuclear weapons.”

The Ukrainian official also reminded, that according to the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, which was signed by the U.S., U.K. and Russia, Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for security guarantees and a pledge that its sovereignty and borders be respected. Russia broke the provision of the Memorandum in 2014 by illegally annexing Crimea and starting a war in the Donbas, and in February this year, it further violated it by starting an all-out war by invading Ukraine.

“The experience of ‘Budapest’ will come in handy. When you are defenceless, you do not pose a threat,” wrote Danilov. “We, unfortunately, know it all too well.”

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  1. To see what sort of “friend” France is to Ukraine, you only have to look at their military contribution: it’s miniscule.
    Then you only have to look at their decision to continue to purchase nuclear materials from putlerstan to see whose side they are on.
    Micron is a despicable worm with the integrity of a lettuce.

    • Apparently Macron still thinks he can turn putin into a human being. So many have tried and all have failed. It is foolish to believe anything coming from the Kremlin, especially putin. About as far as a diplomat can go with Moskovia is “trust but verify.”

  2. France used to call itself the Grand Nation. After a few jellyfish as president’s, it’s anything but. It’s a nation of despicable, cowardly worms. Just look at the last presidential election there, the choice was this marshmallow, Macron, and the shit stain Le Pen. A choice between the plague or cholera.

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