The occupiers killed another recruited “convict”, he could have been executed with a sledgehammer – The Insider

Before his death, the man called his wife and said that he was being taken to be shot.

The occupiers executed another recruited "convict" /
The occupiers executed another recruited “convict” /

The Russian occupiers could execute another recruited “zek”. Zhenya was brought a body with a fractured skull.

According to the Russian  The Insider,  on November 20, recruited Viktor Sevalnev, who commanded the 7th motorized rifle company of the so-called People’s Militia of the “LPR”, called his wife Lilia and said that he was being taken to be shot. The command executes him because the soldiers of his company deserted.

“Today I am, tomorrow it’s different, that’s all. We have lethal material for them. The Ministry of Defense shoots people. They know that we are the 200th and they don’t give a fuck. I would like to go back to where I was, but they won’t let me. If I knew that this is such a war… I’m Viktor Anatolyevich Sevalnev, born on September 27, 1979. Don’t send people here, that’s enough. They want to kill everyone,” Viktor said in the last phone call to his wife, the record of which she handed over to journalists .

On December 1, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense told his wife that her husband died in the DPR on November 25 from shrapnel wounds and a powerful blow to the head. “I sympathize, I’m sorry,” – added the representative of the department.

Correspondence with the wife of the murdered /
Correspondence with the wife of the murdered /

Sevalnev was recruited by representatives of the Wagner PMC in the colony where he was serving his sentence. First, the “Wagnerites” recruited his son Oleg, who was in the same colony, for the war. The man died and the father left for the war. He signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense and on the night of October 3-4, he was transferred from the colony to the “coordination camp” in the Lugansk region.

He fought in the 7th motorized rifle company and when the company commander was killed, he was appointed commander because he had combat experience in Chechnya. Soon, Sevalnev was even awarded an order for the fact that the company under his command left the encirclement. In November, she suffered heavy losses, some of the fighters died, the rest fled.

The head of, Vladimir Osechkin, who gave journalists information about this story, is sure that Sevalnev will be executed in the same way as the “Wagnerian” Yevgeny Nuzhin – with a sledgehammer on the head.

However, the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, disowned the execution of Sevalnev. According to him, this man did not fight in the PMC.

“According to the words of the representative of the Ministry of Defense, who examined the deceased Sevalnev, the injuries on his body may be the result of a blow with a sledgehammer.

He also noted that Sevalnev could have been executed by “analogues of Wagner” in the “LDNR”, and the Russian Ministry of Defense was responsible for his murder.

“The whole story is purely the responsibility of Defense Minister Shoigu and Commander-in-Chief Putin, and Prigozhin is here to divert attention,” Osechkin said.

The Insider also published a photo of the contracts that the “cons” sign. These contracts are not concluded with Prigozhin and his military company, but directly with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Contract /

According to human rights activist Olga Romanova, she knows about 40 cases of “executions” of convicts recruited for the war. However, Prigozhin warned the “zeks” about the rostre for refusing to go on the offensive.

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