The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of attacking military airfields in the Ryazan and Saratov regions

18:15, December 5, 2022Source: 

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The attack of drones on the military airfields “Dyagilevo” in the Ryazan region and “Engels” in the Saratov region on December 5 was carried out by the Ukrainian military “in order to disable Russian long-range aircraft.” This was stated at a briefing by the official representative of the RF Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov.

The ministry confirmed that two aircraft were damaged as a result of the incidents: they had “slightly damaged hull skin.” In addition, three Russian servicemen were killed and four more were injured.

Ukrainian drones flying at low altitude were intercepted by air defense systems, Konashenkov said.

Despite the incident, he added, on the afternoon of December 5, the Russian Defense Ministry successfully delivered a massive strike with “high-precision weapons” on military and energy facilities in Ukraine.

The target has been reached. All assigned 17 objects were hit. As a result of the strike, the transfer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reserves, foreign weapons, military equipment and ammunition to the combat areas by rail was disrupted.

During the war, it is impossible to promptly check the information that even official representatives of the parties to the conflict disseminate.

On the morning of December 5, Russian media reported that a drone had crashed on the runway of an airfield in Engels, Saratov Region. As a result, two Tu-95 bombers were damaged. Two soldiers were hospitalized with injuries. At the same time , an explosion of a fuel truck at an airfield in the Ryazan region was reported , as a result of which three people were killed.

Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak, commenting on reports of explosions at military airfields in Russia, tweeted the following: “The earth is round. This was discovered by Galileo. It is a pity that astronomy was not studied in the Kremlin, preferring court astrologers. Then they would know: if you launch something very often into the airspace of other countries, sooner or later unknown aircraft will return to the place of departure.”

On the afternoon of December 5, the Russian military launched a new missile attack on Ukraine. The command of the Air Force of Ukraine stated that the Russian Federation fired 70 missiles into the country, but more than 60 of them were shot down by air defense systems.

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    Kursk Airfield was now attacked in Russia

    The large-scale fire can be seen from different parts of the city.

    For the second day now, Russian airfields have been attacked by Ukrainian drones. Today a drone has attacked an airbase in Kursk.

    According to Roman Starovoit, Governor of the Kursk Region, an oil storage tank caught fire as a result of the drone attack. The fire is being extinguished. It should be noted that the fire at the airbase is quite extensive. It has been seen by residents of various parts of the

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