Researcher: Ukraine will build its own long range missiles. If the west allows


  1. “If Ukraine was still a nuclear power, Russia would not be destroying Ukraine’s critical infrastructure with its cruise missiles; it would not be waging a war in the first place, he contends.”

    Correct. That is why the Budapest signatories have managed to be Ukraine’s most unreliable friends and why they must make amends finally.

  2. “How close is Ukraine to recreating these missiles?

    “If it will all be organized, it will be a matter of months.”

    Just do it.
    Both sides in this terrible war think that time is on their side. Both cannot be right.
    The allies must work for Ukraine to ensure that there is no pathway for victory for the cauldron of devilry.
    And Ukraine must become a manufacturer of long range missiles in double quick time.

    • I’m sure that Ukraine is already in the process of doing so, seeing the sad state of affairs with its “friends”.

  3. It’s incredibly deplorable that Ukraine must add the sentence, “If the West allows.” This is akin to a woman getting raped and beaten and only allowed to defend herself with her fists, but not with a firearm. This war is NOT the West’s finest hour, that’s for damned sure.

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