Russia needs ‘security guarantees’ to end the war in Ukraine, says Macron

The West should consider how to address Russia’s need for security guarantees if President Vladimir Putin agrees to negotiations about ending the war in Ukraine, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday.

In an interview with French TV station TF1 recorded during his state visit to the US last week, Macron said Europe needs to prepare its future security architecture.

“This means that one of the essential points we must address — as President Putin has always said — is the fear that NATO comes right up to its doors and the deployment of weapons that could threaten Russia,” Macron said.

“That topic will be part of the topics for peace, so we need to prepare what we are ready to do, how we protect our allies and member states, and how to give guarantees to Russia the day it returns to the negotiating table,” Macron said.

Macron’s comments have drawn criticism from some quarters, with the likes of Lithuania’s former minister of defence and foreign affairs, Linas Linkevicius, blasting the idea that concessions should be made to the Kremlin.

“Russia has all security guarantees if it doesn’t attack, annex or occupy its neighbours,” Linkevicius said on Twitter Sunday.

“If anyone wants to create a new security architecture that allows a terrorist state to continue its methods of intimidation, they should think again, it will (not) fly.”

Russia and the US have both said this week they are open to talks in principle, though President Joe Biden said he would only talk to Putin if the Kremlin chief showed he was interested in ending the war. 

Ukraine says negotiations are possible only if Russia stops attacking and pulls out its troops.

Many in Ukraine and the West are strongly opposed to any negotiation with Putin that would reward him with concessions after nearly 10 months of the war, especially as Ukraine has driven back Russian forces from large areas in the past three months.

But Macron’s remarks suggested he was sympathetic to Moscow’s need for security guarantees — a demand that was the focus of intense but failed diplomacy in the run-up to the war.

On 8 February, Putin said at a joint news conference with Macron in Moscow that Russia would keep trying to obtain answers from the West to its main three security demands.

These include no more NATO enlargement, no missile deployments near its borders, and a scaling back of NATO’s military infrastructure in Europe to 1997 levels.

The US said at the time that the Russian demands were “non-starters”.


  1. “Russia has all security guarantees if it doesn’t attack, annex or occupy its neighbours,” Linkevicius said on Twitter Sunday.

    Exactly! The spineless frog should be addressing the needs of Ukraine’s security, not mafia lands. Only one country in Europe is attacking it’s neighbours with regularity, and it’s not any NATO country.

  2. “And what lickspittle do we need to hire to deliver our next ultimatum?” Said the putler genocide gang.
    “Voila!” Said Micron.

  3. “Russia needs ‘security guarantees’ to end the war in Ukraine, says Macron”

    This little frog needs a brain. He’s learned absolutely nothing in the 9 months of war.
    A spine and a set of gonads would also do the moron a world of good.

  4. Meanwhile RuSSia keeps importing luxury articles from China in exchange for oil, gas and wood. The western ‘sanctions’ are for the ass so far. The ruSSian elites keep slurping champagne while the EU’s anti-Americans want to throw Ukraine under the bus to restore their ass-giving relationship with Muscovy.

  5. I think I have the solution.
    Ukraine will not become NATO member, and in return Russia will be nuked until the very last Russian.

    After this, it will become the world’s largest natural park, habitated exclusively by wildlife and trees.

    I think this is just fair.

  6. Macron is perhaps correct. The Russian mentality to so willingly be inhumane renders them paranoid at the thought of others being like them. Ukrainians and NATO are surely not, but Russian insanity needs to be addressed. They are not well and while it seems crazy to suggest they need security guarantees, it’s clear the whole of Russian society is in a fit of madness from which they have no idea of how to escape. They do need reassurance that their neighbors are not evil like they are – that it is obvious is not enough. It needs to be explained to them.

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