Before the war, the Russian Federation divided Ukrainians into 4 groups, the first to be eliminated – British analysts

According to the plan of the Russians, the division was supposed to help incline the Ukrainians to the occupation.

The occupiers planned to divide Ukrainians into groups / photo REUTERS

The Russians carefully considered the smallest details when planning a full-scale invasion of Ukraine . To suppress the resistance of the population, they divided the Ukrainians into four groups.

This is stated in the report of the London-based Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), which investigates the issue of wars and armaments in the interests of the British army for the first half of the war, Babel writes .

Before the invasion, the Russians divided Ukrainians into four groups:

  • the first group – those who must be eliminated physically;
  • the second – those who need to be oppressed and oppressed;
  • the third – neutral citizens who can be persuaded to cooperate;
  • the fourth – potential collaborators.

“There was a specific list of the first group, where the active participants of the Revolution of Dignity were placed. The Russian FSB trained to capture or kill them. The second category was planned to be detected by going around the houses. Then, filtering camps were to be created for these people. After filtering, the “especially unreliable” were planned to be deported to Russia. And in Ukraine, they would be “re-educated” by “teachers” imported from Russia and other officials,” the publication writes.

In addition, the Russians planned to involve deputies in the Verkhovna Rada to accept the occupation. Pro-Russian people’s deputies should have created the “Movement for Peace” and encouraged other politicians to join it. This movement should ban protests against the occupation. If some regions did not agree to this, they would be cut off from energy and water supply, as well as from the financial system through the mechanisms of the National Bank.

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    • Only pure arrogance by the septic dwarf, would see his orcs bringing their dress uniforms with them to ponce around Kyiv. Except the only uniforms most of them ended up wearing was a black body bag.

      • Only those lucky enough were gift-wrapped in black plastic. Some were turned into ashes and others attended dinner with stray dogs, serving as the main course.

  1. Absolutely chilling. That is proof of planned, systematic genocide.
    The plan still exists. Nothing has changed. The cauldron of devilry; aka putlerstan, will do it, if given half a chance.
    And they are being given more than half a chance by the indifference of most of the world and the half-assed approach of the allies.
    Give Ukraine what she needs you fucking marshmallows!

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