Ukrainian Army Strikes Kvashyne With HIMARS, 7 km From Russian Border

An important railway hub for supplying the occupiers has been destroyed

The logistics of Russia’s aggressor country’s army on the Donetsk direction has recently been threatened. It came after the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at the village of Kvashyne, which is 7km from the border with the terrorist state. The attack on the Ukrainian defenders was carried out from HIMARS. And it came out for a reason.

The relevant information appeared in the Spy Dossier Telegram channel. The author of the publique claims that Russian propaganda is once again hiding truthful information.

“Two days ago, a number of Russian media published news about the shelling by the AFU of the village of Kvashynoe in the DPR. The news briefly stated that there had been shelling of railway infrastructure using HIMARS MLRS. The missile hit damaged the Kvashyne electricity sub-station. Journalists also report that the strike did not affect the traffic of trains through the Kvashyne station,” the report says.

It is noted that the propagandists did not draw the readers’ attention to a rather interesting thing – the location of the Kvashyne station.

“The settlement is located in the south-east, 7 kilometres from the administrative border with Rostov Oblast. One of the most important railway lines that connects Rostov-on-Don with Ilovaysk and is one of the strategic and vital routes for the Russian Armed Forces passes through the Kvashyne station,” the channel’s author added.

He stressed that the AFU managed to strike from a distance of approximately 80 km from HIMARS launchers, which are equipped with GMLRS-class missiles.

“According to the technical specifications, the range of these missiles is up to 84 kilometres. The Ukrainians take great care of HIMARS rocket launchers and try not to expose them to any unnecessary danger. This raises the question: would the Ukrainian troops use a launcher in close proximity to the front line, where they are within artillery striking distance, to smash a hub substation behind enemy lines? 9 out of 10 that no,” the post says.

Apparently, according to the publisher of the post, this means two options.

“Either Ukraine has new HIMARS missiles with an increased range or the ‘arrival’ was the result of using other, not yet identified, weapons,” the intelligence officer summarized.


  1. “Either Ukraine has new HIMARS missiles with an increased range or the ‘arrival’ was the result of using other, not yet identified, weapons,”

    Interesting. This is the second report from the front lines in which a mystery weapon has been mentioned. I agree that placing HIMARS so close to the line of contact would be highly risky. Although, maybe it’d be worth it if the target has a very strategic value.
    At any rate, I will try to learn more about our “mystery” weapon.

  2. Great hit but sounds like the location needs to be hit a few more times. I know the Ukrainian’s have been rather ingenious in finding ways to extend the range by different means.

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