To Hold Off Ukrainian Forces, Russian Military Built New Army Base in Mariupol, Images Reveal

Dec 03, 2022

Russia’s army laid siege to Mariupol about three months earlier. The constant bombing and battle have left the city destroyed. Russia has now built a huge army base in the city. Maxar, an Earth Observation organization, has released satellite photos of Mariupol showing the new base.

The new army base is U-shaped and in the city’s heart. In the picture, a Russian army star in red, white, and blue accompanied by the words – for the people of Mariupol, can be seen.

The city’s cemetery has been extended. The Russian army has been removing bodies from the ruined buildings and burying them.
On March 18, the city’s theatre was targeted by Russian missiles, and it is believed that h ..

According to Ukraine, 9/10th of the city is destroyed due to bombings. The new images also show that Russia has begun the destruction of buildings that were almost ruined.

1. How many people have died in the last month, according to Ukraine?
According to Ukrainian administrators, more than 25,000 people have died due to air raids and ground fires. The UN, on the other hand, had said that only about 1,300 deaths had been confirmed. They noted that the actual toll could be thousands more.
2. What are Russia’s plans in Mariupol?
Russia is planning to build up a solid defensive position in the port city because the Ukrainian forces have set a counter-offensive in the other regions of the country.


  1. If the base is worth anything and not destroyed, it can be used as a sort of down payment for reparations when the UA forces take it.

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