Putin calls for talks with the West

Retired British General explains why it would be a waste of time.

At the 6.20 mark, Cathy Newman interviews a very impressive Ukrainian MP: Lesia Vasylenko.


  1. Ms Vasylenko is from the Holos Party. Founder is Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, of the band Okean Elzy.
    In 2020, the party called for $500bn in reparations to be paid by putlerstan for the damage the fiends did in Donbas.
    We all should have listened to them back then. Future reparations should have that $500bn factored in to any final bill. $2 trillion would be in the ballpark.

  2. Talks need to occur. Crimea and Donbas back to Ukraine. All taken Ukrainians back to Ukraine. Beyond those non-negotiables, Russian cooperation to prosecute war crimes and reparations can be discussed.

    When children are forcibly taken to a place calling for their drowning in a river, talks need to take place. I am not suggesting children for land, only that Russia needs to be told their views will not be accepted.

    Russia has no more claim to Ukraine than the Mongols or British do to areas they once controlled.

    With all the torture done by Russians, there is no way people can be abandoned to them. This is something that Ukraine needs to empaticaly explain to the world. Oh and Russia hasn’t kept past agreements either.

    Heck – even offer the UN a chance to do an independent investigation on the causes of the war.

  3. Speaking of Mr Vakarchuk, he wrote a huge song called Obyjmi (Hug Me).
    It was very movingly performed by a great Georgian band: Gela Gnolidze & Night Show Band, in Ukrainian, for Georgian TV in solidarity with Ukraine.
    Lyrics extract (incredibly from 2013) translated to English :

    Somewhen comes the day,
    And war will be over,
    Where I’ve lost myself,
    Seen it all to the bottom.

    Hug me, hug me, hug me
    So tenderly and never let go,
    hug me, hug me, hug me
    Let your spring come

    The Georgian tribute ;


  4. “Retired British General explains why it would be a waste of time.”

    I agree. The pain for mafia land must reach the excruciating level before those shit stains have anything like a desire for serious talks. Right now, any talks would be only a ruse, filled with deception.

    • When Putin withdraws from Ukraine, returns everyone they kidnapped, and agrees to reparations, then we know he is serious about talks. However, mere agreement will not be enough in any of it. He must show it in some way he can’t back away from.

      • Putin MUST have talks because everything he has done militarily has backfired. He wanted to demilitarize Ukraine…Ukraine now has MORE. He wanted to denazify Ukraine…now the world knows who the real Nazis are. He wanted to fragment Ukraine…now Ukraine is more unified than ever before. He wanted to annex Ukraine in 10 days…its been 9 months with no let up. The only card up his sleeve now is KGB tactics and try to get a deal he will eventually break.

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