Putin falls down stairs and bruises tailbone

MOSCOW – According to Russian Telegram bloggers, Russian President Putin fell down the stairs at his residence on Wednesday evening, allegedly bruising his coccyx. The messages cannot be independently verified.


The messages come from the Telegram channel General SVR , who claim to have insider information from the Kremlin. For example, Putin would have staggered on the stairs and then landed hard on his back and side. Due to the blow – and “oncological problems” in his intestines – the 70-year-old president would also have soiled himself. Several doctors would have been immediately on site to help Putin.

Putin has been traveling with a group of doctors at his side for some time. The Russian president has been suffering from medical problems for some time, but these rumors cannot be confirmed. For example, he would suffer from cancer or Parkinson’s. Rumors about Putin’s health have been circulating regularly since February 2022.



  1. A bone bruise is pretty bad. He had to fall really hard to do that. It probably had other effects that may not be seen for some weeks. Frankly, I doubt he lasts much longer. Looking at recent pics, he does not look well and is aging very quickly.

  2. Putin’s disease is a consequence of the hatred inside his soul. This man had all the money in the world and could have done so much good for mankind. Instead, he’s invaded several countries and killed thousands of civilians of various nationalities. He’s also prevented food/fertilizer from getting to starving regions of the world.
    When his time comes to be judged, he will be sent straight to hell, for his crimes against humanity.

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