Head of Mykolaiv Oblast enthusiastic about latest weapons used to strike Russians in the south


Vitalii Kim, Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, has reported that the Ukrainian troops struck Russian forces on the southern front, and that “something new” was launched at the Russians.

Source: Kim on Telegram

Quote: “Something new was launched at the ‘orcs’ in the south today. This is wonderful.”



    • Vitaly is one of the many heroes of the hero city of Mykolaiv.
      If says something like this, it must be exceptional.
      There is still a very important battle going on in his oblast : Kinburn Spit. Cockroaches there really are an existential threat. I hope what he said has a connection with that and that good news is coming soon. Commenter Dmitry Pisscough might know; he still lives there. He mentioned that on UA Wire the other day.
      He also apologized for his previous devotion to Gospodina Merkel. He now hates the putinoid skank.

      • Well, well, well!
        I had numerous altercations with Pisscough (and a few others too, on UA Wire) over that smelly, rotten Merkel. They’ve always – and I mean, ALWAYS – attacked me whenever I ranted over that piss-poor excuse of a politician. NOW, he has finally awakened to see the truth about her.

  1. No idea what this new wonderwaffe is, but I hope it is as decisive as the HIMARs. Putin’s orcs need to be utterly crushed.

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