Captured documents reveal Russia’s plan to annex Ukraine in ten days and kill Zelensky

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Dec 2, 2022

Live reporting by Verity Bowman.

Russia planned to seize Ukraine within ten days and kill its leaders, according to new documents apparently signed off by Vladimir Putin.

The leaked plans, revealed by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (Rusi), show that Russia aimed to annex the country by August, 

Russia intended to capture Ukraine’s airfields, water supplies, central bank and parliament as Ukrainian officials either fled or were captured “as a result of the speed of the invasion”. The Kremlin created a “kill list” of Ukrainians that should be killed or suppressed. 

According to Rusi, the plan was known to few in Russia’s military and tactical military units did not receive orders to invade until hours before. 

Officials planned to register the entire population by going door to door, noting if they should be eliminated or whether they were likely to collaborate.


  1. The part of the world that has civilization and democracy must at last come clean and state the obvious: Ukraine is alone facing a gigantic nazi genocide regime that is worse than the last one and will kill more than the last one if allowed to.
    The first step is to state this undeniable truth. Second step is to declare that Ukraine is NOT alone and that NOTHING will be held back in order to end the genocide, end the invasion and extirpate putlerism.

  2. The objectives stated and confirmed in this terrible news story have not changed one iota. Nazis do not stop until they are stopped.

  3. Putin has fallen from a staircase in the Kremlin. Inside information. And made ,kaka. after the fall in his clothes. No Joke!!

  4. Biden knew all this too….and did nothing and still has not provided us with long range weapons OR allowed us to attack Russia. We are in a fish bowl

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