Armed Forces of Ukraine advance in Luhansk region, few kilometers left to Kremennaya, – Gaidai


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

The armed forces of Ukraine are advancing in the Lugansk region. The situation in the region remains difficult, but the Ukrainian defenders are advancing towards Kremennaya – a few kilometers are left to the settlement.

This was told by the head of the Lugansk regional military administration, Sergei Gaidai, on the air of the telethon on Thursday, December 1. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also moving forward in the direction of Svatovoe.

“The situation is quite complicated, but it is radically different on both sides of the Luhansk region. As for the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the line in Belogorivka, there are constant attempts to break through the defense line and capture this settlement. As for the direction of Svatovo and Kremennaya, the situation is there 180 degrees different. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly moving forward. We recently published a video from the Kremenskaya substation, destroyed by the invaders – it is located just a few kilometers from Kremennaya itself,” he said.

Gaidai added that the Russian invaders have a lot of equipment, in addition, they have mined roads, bridges, buildings, forest plantations, and built fortified areas. The Russians also brought to the Luhansk region a lot of personnel – Kadyrov’s men, militants of the “LPR/DPR”, recently mobilized, mercenaries of the PMC “Wagner”.

The head of the UVA stressed that in this direction, “every meter of land is given to the Ukrainian defenders very hard.”

As OBOZREVATEL reported, earlier Gaidai said that in the Lugansk region, Russian troops were shelling de-occupied settlements and positions of the Ukrainian military almost around the clock. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reliably hold the line of defense, in the direction of Svatovo and Kremennaya they are even slowly advancing.

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  1. All the Ukrainians need is a decisive breakthrough somewhere on the front with enough reserves to flood through and sweep up the filth in the rest of occupied Ukraine. Maybe they should make a go around through mafia territory, a place they least expect.
    All this could be so much easier and with fewer casualties if only the West was ruled by people with real spines.

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