AFU Launched Aviation-Supported Counteroffensive Near Bakhmut

Russian forces were knocked out in two axes at once


According to information from Ukrainian sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of aviation and artillery, launched a counteroffensive in two axes, in the south of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian forces have managed to kick Russian troops out of Opytne and occupy south part of Ivanhrad, pushing the Russian Armed Forces and PMCs two kilometres back. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also pushed back Russian units from the asphalt plant.

A number of Ukrainian media reported it, including the Volia military Telegram channel, citing its own sources.

“We have just received confirmation of this information from sources in PMCs and in the Russian Armed Forces. As we wrote in a report the day before, Russian formations near Bakhmut were exhausted by constant assaults on Ukrainian positions,” the report reads.

Moreover, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to keep Opytne, the asphalt plant and finally occupy Ivanhrad, then the Russian military will face a difficult situation and lose the positions for which they were fighting stubbornly and with heavy losses during November.

The Ukrainian General Staff has not yet commented on the situation, noting only the persistence of the difficult situation.


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