Zelenskyy invites Elon Musk to come see what Russia has done

Zelenskyy’s message to Elon Musk: Come see what Russia has done

NOV 30 2022

Members of the Ukrainian army prepare BM-21 Grad rockets to be launched in Bakhmut, Donetsk, Ukraine, on Nov. 26, 2022.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he doesn’t know why Starlink founder and Twitter owner Elon Musk’s apparent sympathy for Ukraine early on in Russia’s invasion appears to have shifted to a more Russia-friendly view.

“I don’t know if somebody’s influencing him, or he’s making those choices himself,” Zelensky said at the New York Times Dealbook Summit. “If you want to understand what Russia has done here, come to Ukraine … and after that, tell us how to end this war, who started it and when we can end it.”

In October, Musk tweeted what he said was the most likely way the Russian invasion would end. The “peace plan” lined up with Russia’s priorities, drawing condemnation from Ukraine and the West.

But Zelenskyy also said Ukraine was “thankful” to Musk for the Starlink satellite systems that have enabled parts of daily life to go on in the country, despite the war.

“Owing to the internet and the communication, life was maintained,” he said. “Monies were paid, salaries, pensions, money orders, everything, and it did help to restore our communication.”


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