The European Commission freezes Hungary’s funding due to corruption in Orbán’s government

Hungary did not eliminate the problem by the deadline agreed with the West.

Viktor Orban indirectly supports Putin / REUTERS
Viktor Orban indirectly supports Putin / REUTERS

The European Commission proposes not to allocate 7.2 billion euros to Hungary from the European Union until Orbán’s government implements reforms to strengthen the rule of law and fight corruption.

According to the EC website , Brussels has set 27 steps that Hungary must take in order to unlock funding.

It was established that Hungary did not eliminate the problems by the deadline agreed with the West – September 19. That is why the European Commission proposes to take measures “to protect the budget”.

Budapest is advised to strengthen the independence of the courts, make public procurement more transparent, etc. In case of failure to comply with the recommendations, all current and future payments will be blocked.

The European Council will take the final decision on freezing Hungary’s funding on December 19.

On November 18, Viktor Orbán announced that Budapest would block financial aid to Ukraine for 2023, because it allegedly contradicts the national interests of Hungarians.

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  1. I must say that I was wrong about Hungary. Back in the 90s, I thought better of them. It’s good that Orban didn’t swallow the african/arab immigration thing, but his actions over Ukraine are simply evil.

    • I agree. The invasion swarm from the third-world was refused mainly by Hungary and Poland, which was good. But, Hungary’s standpoint with Ukraine is downright disgusting.

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