Russian Mob Boss Warns ‘There Is a Change of Power’ in the Country


Russian billionaire businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin attends the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF2016 on June 17, 2016, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Russian mob boss Grisha Moskovsky has warned against a “change of power” in the country and called out Prigozhin for creating a power group.MIKHAIL SVETLOV/GETTY IMAGES [Mobster boss is a better title for this shit stain. He’s got a face you could punch and kick all day long, OFP]

ARussian mob boss warned civilians of a “change of power” in the country, saying that convicts recruited by the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary outfit, for Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine will eventually wreak havoc in society.

In a video appeal that circulated on social media this month, Grisha Moskovsky spoke out against Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Putin ally and founder of the Wagner Group, and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, saying that they are creating two power groups. He appealed to Russians to be cautious.

“Now two gangs are forming in Russia. Two gangs, one gang is the Wagner’s and the other gang is Kadyrov’s. Now there is a change of power in Russia,” he said. “Who is a scoundrel and who will come to power.”

He continued: “But this will not bring good to Russia and Russians.”

Moskovsky pointed to the fact that the Wagner Group has been recruiting large numbers of prisoners for Putin’s war in Ukraine. The mercenary unit has been recruiting in penal colonies in far-flung regions of Russia, according to Olga Romanova, head of the prisoner advocacy group Russia Behind Bars.

Investigative media outlet Important Stories recently found that Russian prisoners in St. Petersburg are being offered freedom and money if they participate in the war.

Relatives of prisoners serving sentences in the city told the outlet that the Wagner Group is offering 200,000 rubles ($3,500) and an amnesty, for six months of “voluntary” service in the Donbas region—if the prisoners return alive.

Translation of above Tweet: “Here, Russians, you finished your game. Now two gangs have formed in Russia.”
Thief in law Grisha Moskovsky spoke out against the “bastards” and turned to the Russians.”

“Believe me, imagine who the Wagner’s are. All former convicts who were 20, 15,18, 19 years old, who are behind rape, for the spread of murder, and for all kinds of violence,” Moskovsky said. “And now they are free and they want to eat, they want to earn money and want to feel good. And who will they go to? They will go to you, the common Russians.”

Kadyrov, meanwhile, has backed Prigozhin in criticizing how Putin’s war against Ukraine is being handled, appearing to side with each other in rare displays of dissent, suggesting that rifts may be emerging inside the Kremlin.

The United States think tank the Institute for the Study of War also assessed in late October that Prigozhin and his military group could “pose a threat to Putin’s rule.”

Moskovsky urged Russian civilians to speak up and ensure neither Prigozhin nor Kadyrov come into power.

“So while you are silent, in Russia it will be even worse and even worse. So I ask you, for the sake of the common people, go out on the streets and make sure that they do not come to power. If they come to power, there will be trouble throughout Russia.”

He added: “They have nothing to lose, these Wagner’s these Kadyrov’s, they have nothing to lose.”


  1. The best-case-scenario right now would be for the three main ruskie shit stains, Putin, Prigozhin and Kadyrov to go at each other’s throats, like wild, rabid dogs, tearing each other into pieces. Figuratively speaking, of course, because it’ll be their meat puppets doing the killing and dying.

    • Currently RuZZia is offering a choice of three nazis: continued rule by the tiny poisoner, replacement by a girl strangler/hammer killer, or replacement by a head chopper.
      RuZZia is a gigantic cauldron of devilry.

  2. One of the American politically conservative commentators I listen to, Ben Shapiro has now predicted on his episode for November 28th, that the current situations in china and russia may lead to their total collapse. If the country’s people as a whole, “go on strike,” doctors refusing to go to their hospitals, police refusing their duties, even bus drivers leaving the buses to stand still, then their government will stop, because these can not function without the various parts of society to support them. Both dictatorships are distracted with war, one engaging in it, the other planning for it. This is leaving them blind to the needs and day to day reality of their people. Once the citizens realize the government is completely dependent on them, but they can survive without the dictators, then the dictators will fall and die.

    But only if their people unite together against their governments, will they destroy the dictatorships, and this will require some great courage from some individuals to get it started and kept going.

    • I think we can forget about such scenarios from happening, Mac. People are generally too scared and too depended on earning money to go through with such an effort. Not everyone is like the Ukrainians, who did just that on the Maidan.

  3. I’d mentioned that one of my favorite political pundits has predicted that if the current trends continue in russia and china, their governments will completely collapse. But I think I entered my sign-in password wrong, because the comment got hidden again.

  4. When Russia loses the war, which is now all but inevitable. As the disconnect between official propaganda about an easy, successful “special operation” and the reality of crushing defeat becomes clear, many Russians will be looking for someone to blame. Here, the German example is instructive, where the combination of defeat, national humiliation, and economic collapse was the fertile soil for right-wing, extremist movements that blamed domestic enemies, assassinated liberal politicians, stirred antisemitic hate, and swore revenge on the victorious World War I Allies. This was the vicious brew that Hitler fed on as he rose to power.
    Russia’s inevitable defeat, deep economic malaise, and loss of great-power status at the hands of a country whose existence the Kremlin didn’t even recognize will be fertile ground for extremists. That counts double should Putin’s regime fall and a struggle for the future course of Russia ensue. If the pro-war nationalists searching for enemies to blame are the only opposition left in Russia, the world may be going down a dark and dangerous track.

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