Kniazhytskyi supports Kyslytsya’s proposal to rename Russia ‘Moskovia’ in Ukrainian language

MP Mykola Kniazhytskyi in an interview with NV Radio has commented on a proposal by Ukraine’s Permanent Representative of Ukraine to UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya, to officially return to Russia its historical name Moskovia.

“I think, in these conditions it’s a realistic (idea)… I have nothing against this proposal, because Rus’ is a Ukrainian name stolen by Russians. We call them Russians, but according to Kyslytsya we should call them Moskovits,” Kniazhytskyi explained.

This idea can grow to a real draft law, he believes.

“There even was such a draft law in the last convocation, but it wasn’t considered… This idea often occurs in parliament and sometimes it grows to a draft law.”

Moskovia is Russia’s historical name in all its forms, including the Moscow principality, kingdom, empire, derived from the name of the city of Moscow. It was used in many European and some Asian languages.

In English, prior to the declaration of the Russian Empire, Russia was known both as Muscovy or the Grand Duchy of Moscow, as well as the Tsardom of Russia.

It was also designated on historical maps dated from the 16th to 19th centuries even after the Moscow Kingdom was renamed as the Russian Empire on Oct. 22, 1721.

Moskovia was also used in Ukrainian to refer to Russia.


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