A new burial was discovered in the Kherson region: some of the dead had their hands and eyes tied

The occupiers allowed the dead to be buried in just a few weeks.

A mass grave was discovered in Pravdyny, Kherson Oblast / photo UNIAN, Viktor Kovalchuk
A mass grave was discovered in Pravdyny, Kherson Oblast / photo UNIAN, Viktor Kovalchuk

In the village of Pravdyne in the Kherson region , a new burial of people killed by the Russian invaders was discovered. Among the dead is a teenage girl. 

As The New York Times reports , the dead were security guards who worked at one of the agricultural enterprises before the invasion. Their surnames are not mentioned. 

Local residents told reporters that there were seven guards in total who lived in a separate house. One of them – a man named Vlad – started a relationship with a local teenage girl who was treated cruelly by her stepfather. During the occupation of Pravdyny, the girl’s stepfather began to cooperate with the Russians. According to the residents of the village, he “made up a story that Vlad and other guards are spying on the Russians.

In April, Anatoly Sikoza, who lives nearby, heard an explosion in that building. When he ran, he saw that the building was destroyed, and under the rubble were the bodies of six guards and a teenage girl. According to him, some of them had their hands tied and blindfolded, and the girl looked as if she had been strangled.

“I could say that they were not killed by an explosion,” he said.

The locals could not immediately bury the people killed by the Russians. According to Sikoza, the occupiers allowed him to bury the guards five weeks after their deaths. The girl was buried separately.

At the same time, the body of the seventh bodyguard Sikoz was not found. From the material of the publication, it is not clear whether the man survived. 

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  1. This war has really educated me on Russia. Thieves, rapers of little children, both girls and boys. Barbaric to the bone. Military has little discipline or morals. It must suck to be a Russian.

    • Yes, it sucks being a shit nugget from mafia land. But, it’s worse to have them as your occupier, as we see every day!

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