💙 A message from the front in #Ukraine 💛



  1. And this is the essence of why we will KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THE COCKROACHES!!!! Love of family and love of country will beat anything the cockroaches have.

    • Amen Sir CapW!
      Front-line report from 777 art crew:
      Barrels, spare parts and a ton of ammo must urgently be sent. Wear and tear on the barrel decreases range and accuracy. Review and related corrections need to be done on the standardization of NATO ammo. Various imperfections in manufacturing as well as slight differences in platforms have also increased wear and tear on kits.

    • Obviously armchair warriors will ask: why the fuck aren’t dozens of attack drones and spotter drones flying around the orcs to provide targets for the MLRS’s?
      The answer must be that the defenders do not have enough of either.
      The soldiers say that they are “heavily outnumbered”, which is both depressing and annoying, since it means that the defenders are short of manpower.
      The manpower problem can be solved in two ways : mobilization of all diaspora members with military experience and the US, UK and Poland providing ground troops for Kyiv, Odessa, Mykolaiv etc, in order to free up more troops for the front line.

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