“Ukraine will win”: patriots staged a bold action in the occupied Crimea. A photo


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

Activists of the Zhovta Strichka civil resistance movement staged another bold action in the temporarily occupied Crimea. They put up patriotic leaflets reminding the enemy who is waging war against us that Ukraine will definitely win.

Pro-Ukrainian action was held in Simferopol and Yalta. The photo was published in the Telegram channel of the movement (to view, scroll the news to the end) .

“Simferopol and Yalta are Ukraine!” activists noted.

They noted that in Crimea, patriots heroically resist the occupiers by distributing leaflets and drawing graffiti.
The published footage shows that leaflets with the inscriptions “Yalta is a Ukrainian city”, “Ukraine will win!”, “Simferopol is a Ukrainian city” are pasted on poles and fittings. 
The partisans also hung yellow ribbons in different places.
“Our resistance proves to the whole world that Ukrainians are an invincible nation. We will never surrender, we will be free!” 
they noted.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, activists of the Zhovta Strichka civil resistance movement announced an international flash mob in honor of the Day of Dignity and Freedom , which was celebrated in Ukraine on November 21. So they called to support the residents of the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories.


  1. These little gestures might seem trivial, but they are made at great risks. If caught, torture and imprisonment are guaranteed. Their families will also suffer.

    • Good video! Thanks for sharing, Bill.
      The cockroaches have built defensive lines in other areas too, to no avail. The Ukrainian general staff will know how to breach those on the Crimea too, just like all the others. We’ll see how they’ll do it, hopefully very soon.

    • Half the effort to crack open a defensive line is knowing its details; where the trenches are, the types of trenches, the bunkers, transportation routes, terrain features, supply dumps, command posts and so on and so forth.
      Ukraine gets plenty of intel from not only its own reconnaissance teams and drones, but also from the local population and, in particular, satellite images from the US, which have the best quality images and include those in the infrared range.

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