The image at the bottom should be seared into the minds of every member of this group

From FB page; Pray for Ukraine

By Domenic Strangio

Nov 29

The enclosed image should be seared into the minds of every member of this group. It’s an unmistakable reminder of what this Russian campaign has descended into.

As little more than an excuse to destroy innocent Ukrainian civilian targets, including playgrounds, schools, child care centres and hospitals.

As we speak, patients at various Kherson hospitals are being evacuated because of shelling by Russian artillery units on the east bank of the Dnipro river. Imagine the trauma involved in evacuating patients who have just been operated on.

To the millions of innocent Russian civilians in Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and other cities, look at what your nation has become. A pariah state that now purposefully kills women and children, contrary to all signed conventions. A nation that no longer deserves a seat at the UN Security Council.

There are no words I have to describe the treachery Putin has unleashed. He now has his back to the wall, and his military is failing on the ground. Slowly but surely, and at great cost, Ukraine WILL liberate all previously taken lands, and begin its rebuilding process, with help from a unified West.

Russia on the other hand has entered an economic death spiral. It’s global brand has become toxic. It’s citizens have their freedom of movement restricted. It’s mothers and fathers will increasingly, and in tragic ways, have this brutal war brought back home to their front doors, and the flight of Russian capital, innovation and human endeavour to other countries will continue unabated.

Russia’s retraction from the world stage, and it’s decay, is all but irreversible, and Russians have one man to thank for this.

History will show Putin and his inner circle entourage as a group of gangsters who walked a once noble nation over the abyss, and into darkness.

And sadly, innocent Russians globally will be carrying the stain of what their nation has done here.


  1. There are no innocent Russians!!!! They’ve shown that year after year after year after poll after poll after poll. Russia was never a noble nation.

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