NATO ministers announce plans to step up support for Ukraine in joint statement

Anastasia Pechenyuk 18:50, 11/29/22 UNIAN

They assured that support would continue for as long as necessary.

NATO ministers announced plans to strengthen support for Ukraine in a joint statement / photo
NATO ministers announced plans to strengthen support for Ukraine in a joint statement / photo

Following the meeting in Bucharest, the Foreign Ministers of the NATO member countries issued a statement in which they assured that the Alliance would strengthen support for Ukraine. 

As the ministers stressed in a statement , they will “further strengthen political and practical support for Ukraine” as long as the country defends “its sovereignty and territorial integrity and common [with the Alliance] values ​​from Russian aggression.” They assured that support would continue for as long as necessary. 

“NATO will continue to coordinate closely with relevant stakeholders, including international organizations, in particular the EU, as well as like-minded countries. Building on the support provided earlier, we will help Ukraine build its resilience, protect its people and counter Russian disinformation campaigns and lies,” the statement said.

The ministers stressed that Russia “bears full responsibility for this war, a flagrant violation of international law and the principles of the UN Charter.”

“Russian aggression, including its persistent and shameless attacks on Ukrainian civilian and energy infrastructure, is depriving millions of Ukrainians of basic social services. This has affected global food supplies and endangered the most vulnerable countries and peoples of the world. Unacceptable actions by Russia, including hybrid actions, energy blackmail and reckless nuclear rhetoric undermine the rules-based international order. 

The foreign ministers also emphasized that they were in solidarity with Poland after the incident on November 15, which led to the tragic death of people as a result of Russian missile strikes on Ukraine . They condemn the actions of Belarus, which actively contributes to Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. 

“All those responsible for war crimes, including conflict-related sexual violence, must be held accountable,” the statement said.

The ministers also expressed their full solidarity with the government and people of Ukraine and paid tribute to all those who died heroically defending their country and land.

They reiterated that they remain firmly committed to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will never recognize Russian attempts to annex Ukrainian territories in gross violation of the UN Charter.

Ukraine and NATO – latest news

On September 30, President Volodymyr Zelensky  signed an application  for Ukraine’s accession to NATO on an accelerated basis. The Alliance then stated that the doors for Ukraine’s entry into NATO were open.

On November 29, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed that Finland and Sweden will become NATO members in the near future and added that  the Alliance “holds the same opinion about Ukraine’s membership.” 

Also earlier, NATO stated that they  would help Ukraine  defend itself against Russia “as long as it takes.”

At the same time, Hungary, which has been blocking the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in NATO since 2017 by blocking the work of the relevant Committee, announced on November 29 that it would block Ukraine’s participation in the meetings of the Alliance.


  1. In other words, NATO will do everything possible to help Ukraine fend off Hitler 2.0….as long as Hungary and everyone agrees.
    Even now, these organizations don’t realize Putin has skirted their charters and laughed in their faces yet they continue the same insane policies while innocent Ukrainians die protecting Europe from ruin.

  2. Stop the endless drivel. Send long-range missiles. Send Tanks. Send planes. Talk won’t stop the evil rug rat. These items definitely will.

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