In the Russian Kursk Region, After Explosions, Two Districts Were Left Without Electricity

NOVEMBER 29, 2022

Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

In the Russian Kursk region, on the evening of November 29, two districts were left without electricity. Shortly before the power outage, local residents heard “loud noises”.

This was reported by local Telegram channels. In particular, the light was lost in Sudzha and Korenevo. The exact reason for the blackout is unknown, but the governor of the Kursk region has already rushed to blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He stated that the Sudzhansky district came under fire and allegedly about 11 arrivals were recorded. It is alleged that one of the power supply facilities was hit.

“Because of this, the Sudzhansky and Korenevsky districts are partially de-energized. After the shelling, specialists will assess the damage and begin to restore the damage,” the governor writes, arguing that they have no information about the victims.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier in Russia, they announced a “bavovna” in the oil harbor in Novorossiysk. The propagandists blamed the attack on the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who allegedly used a drone. Also, “sounds of explosions” were heard in the Belgorod region, where power lines were damaged .


  1. “The exact reason for the blackout is unknown, but the governor of the Kursk region has already rushed to blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

    I most certainly hope that Ukraine have committed these strikes. This would be a tiny payback to what mafia land has committed in Ukraine. I also hope that a lot more will happen, in this regard.

    • I doubt that. I don’t think Ukraine wastes a single bomb on anything non-strategic.

      I don’t think Ukraine wants to punish civilians.

      • I wouldn’t bet on it. I know many Ukrainians who wish death and destruction on mafia land. This alone, even a few small strikes, would be a large boost for morale.

  2. I figured I’d bring this up. Part of why I would like to see Ukraine develop more of their weapons and defense systems for themselves. I don’t think the weapons donations will continue forever, but only enough to hold off russia in the near term. Maybe generous enough until the UAF has built up their weapons until they can fight without needing the donations, but I think that will be all of it, after that.

    • Liked, may still be some deals and cooperation but I agree Ukraine needs to continue to develop and maintain it’s domestic production capabilities.

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