Ukrainian resistance reports that all collaborators leave Nova Kakhovka

28 NOVEMBER 2022

The Russians have relocated all the active collaborators out of the city of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast.

Source: National Resistance Center referring to the local underground resistance

Details: National Resistance Center noted that this was not limited to only those collaborators who used to hold positions in the occupation administration, but also included those who used to join Russian raids of the local population and who had intimidated and forced the residents to cooperate with the occupying forces.

“All the active traitors have left the city, because they feel that its liberation is only a matter of time,” the National Resistance Center said.

Also, the center “is calling on local residents to leave the city until it is liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

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  1. There is also a report about the possibility of the cockroaches scurrying away from the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (next article). There might be something going on that could be good news.

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