There are signs Russians may leave ZNPP – president of Energoatom

27 NOVEMBER 2022

Petro Kotin, president of the national nuclear energy company Energoatom, reported that there are signs that the occupiers may be getting ready to abandon the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

Source: Kotin on the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: “During the last few weeks, we have been receiving information that they [the occupiers – ed.] may be preparing to leave the ZNPP.

First, there have been many reports in Russian media outlets lately about how Russians may have to leave the ZNPP and transfer it to the IAEA’s control. You know, I am under the impression that they are packing their bags and stealing everything they see.”

Details: Kotin stressed that “it is too early to say that the Russian forces are leaving the ZNPP” but it appears that they are “getting ready” to do so.

He also noted that Russian forces “pumped the ZNPP area full of everything: military equipment, personnel, trucks, likely with armament and explosives” and mined the territory of the power plant.



  1. First this and now a report that the collaborator scum are escaping from Nova Kakhovka. There is scant news from the region, as far as the fighting is concerned, and so it’s just a guess as to the meaning of these measures. I hope for good news!

  2. I too am hoping for good news. Anytime rashist are removed from a place, things start getting better. These two particular locations back in Ukrainian hands will be a tactical if not a strategic victory in that it will set things up for more areas to be freed from the genocidal rashists.

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