“Thank you Rod”

Nov 28. Tatiana Goncharko

From the FB page; Stand With Ukraine

Thank you 🙏 Rod ❤️🤗

Legendary musician Rod Stewart takes care of a family from Ukraine

From summer 2022, Sir Rod Stewart rents a four-bedroom house in Bracknell, Berkshire, and pay the bills of the Kurtiak family, seven Ukrainian refugees.

The singer took care of the family’s expenses, bought the necessary furniture and paid rent and utilities for a year in advance.


Moderator Craig Smith comments:

“I wish all the rich and famous were more like Rod but let’s not forget the not so rich and famous normal folk across the world that have given refugees safety in their own homes, we thank them all.” 💙💛


  1. Lifetime friendships have been formed between hosts and refugees across the UK.
    I am convinced that Britain has no better friends in Europe than Ukraine and Poland and these relationships will continue to grow.
    I believe that Ukraine, Poland and Georgia should all join the British Commonwealth.

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