‘Lukashenka Replaced Cooks, Servants, Guards’

A number of Telegram channels write about the dictator’s aggravated paranoia


Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels report that Lukashenka has allegedly ordered to replace his cooks, servants and guards. The dictator’s children have been provided with extra guards.

“There has been no confirmation of this information so far, but it sounds quite credible against the background of rumors about the possible liquidation of Lukashenka and the death of the Belarusian Foreign Minister,” reads the reports disseminated on the Net.

The reason for such rumors was the death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei. Lukashenko’s minister died amid the information about the forthcoming replacement of the Belarusian dictator.



  1. Luka’s situation is not the best. He probably wasn’t sleeping well since this war started, and now he might not even sleep at all. He just doesn’t know if he’ll ever open his eyes again. If he was a man, he’d order his troops to attack the cockroaches and concurrently, ask Ukraine to help.

  2. The clock is ticking on the Loony, but it is all self inflicted. The terrorist act he ordered when forcing that plane to land, signed his death warrant.

    • You’re a valuable ally…until you aren’t.
      Lukastinko is finished because he won’t force his troops (or can’t) to fight Ukraine. Even though the Siloviki have run Belarus for years, putin has no more use for him. Its time for another Yanukobytch-style disappearance now that the KGB took out the last guy who had any foreign contacts.

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