“Germany will not dare to shoot down Russian missiles”: Kaczynski called for the transfer of Patriot systems to Ukraine


Modern MIM-104 Patriot air and missile defense systems can be useful in war – but only where they are used, said Yaroslav Kaczynski , chairman of the Polish ruling Law and Justice Party . He advocated that the specified defensive weapons be transferred to Ukraine, and not just placed on the territory of Poland.

Kaczynski stressed: “The position of Germany today does not give grounds to believe that they will dare to shoot down Russian missiles.” In his opinion, the use of Patriot by the Armed Forces of Ukraine would protect, among other things, the Polish eastern border, Rzeczpospolita reports.

“The missiles standing here for decoration are a solution that may have aesthetic advantages. There are no military or political ones,” the PiS chairman said.

Recall: the announcement of sending a German Patriot missile battery to Poland was initially welcomed by Warsaw. However, subsequently, the country’s Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak said that Germany should transfer the complexes to Ukraine, and not to Poland.

“After another Russian missile strike, I asked the German side to transfer the Patriot batteries offered to Poland to Ukraine and place them on the western border. This will save Ukraine from further casualties and power outages and increase security on our eastern border,” Blashchak said.

The next day, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht countered the idea: “These Patriots are part of NATO’s integrated air defense, which means they must be deployed on NATO territory.” She added that “any use of this military equipment outside the Alliance requires prior discussion with the Allies.”

Kaczynski sided with Blaszczak. He stated that modern air defense systems would be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine ” with a very good purpose , protecting both the infrastructure and the citizens of Ukraine.” In addition, they would help in the defense of Poland itself.

“Hence this proposal, which seems to be at least worth considering by the Germans. If they want to donate some kind of weapon – quite old, but still modern – then it should be used, it should not stand ,” Kaczynski said.

He added that there should not be a situation where “Russian missiles will fly over the heads of Polish citizens.”

The MIM-104 Patriot air defense system  is an American anti-aircraft missile system used by the US Army and its allies. It consists of an air interception missile and a high performance radar system. The main function of the Patriot air defense system is  to counter ballistic missiles .


– Earlier, Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that just a few Patriot air defense systems could close a large section of airspace and neutralize Russian missiles .

– NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained the conditions for the possible provision of Patriot systems to Ukraine. The decision will be made by specific member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.



  1. Mr. Kaczynski is so right!
    The excuse given by Absurdistan for not handing the missiles over to Ukraine is as usual; absurd!
    Is it cowardice? Is it even collusion with Moscow? With today’s Germany, anything is possible.

    • He’s also correct that as they stand in Germany or Poland they are just decorations. In Ukraine they can be used to down nazi missiles and protect both Poland and Germany. Besides that, they are purely defensive and would level the playing field as the politicians so often like to say.

      • “Besides that, they are purely defensive and would level the playing field as the politicians so often like to say.”

        Only those with brains say and mean this. In Germany, it seems to be only Bearbock and Strack-Zimmerman, both women!

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