They put a machine gun in her mouth: Russians brutally killed a mother and her adopted son in the Kherson region

After the man’s death, the occupiers mocked his body.

In the Kherson region, the occupiers killed a mother and her adopted son with particular cruelty / photo Andrii Dubchak
In the Kherson region, the occupiers killed a mother and her adopted son with particular cruelty / photo Andrii Dubchak

Ukrainian law enforcement officers continue to find Ukrainians killed by the Russians in the liberated areas of Ukraine. The bodies of a mother and son shot dead were found in the village of Lvivski Vidruby, Kherson region .

“The village of Lvivski Vidruby, liberated Kherson region. Two bodies of civilians in a pit-trench in the yard where a unit of the Russian occupation forces lived,” journalist Andriy Tsaplienko reported in Telegram.

It is noted that 49-year-old Serhiy Novosad was put into the mouth of a machine gun and shot. The Russian military did not stop there and shot the already dead man with a machine gun.


In addition, the occupiers also killed the husband’s adoptive mother – 78-year-old Lyubov Novosad. She was shot in the head.

“Her body was lying on top of his body, as well as the old woman’s two sticks, without which she could not move. Why they were brought here from their native home across the street and shot, is unknown,” the journalist concluded.


Liberation of Kherson – what is known

From the first days of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Kherson and most of the region were under Russian occupation. On November 11, the Ukrainian army  entered Kherson .

In the liberated territories, law enforcement agencies of Ukraine  record war crimes committed by Russians  – murders of civilians, violence, kidnapping, forced deportation, robbery, etc. Specialists work with mass burials where mutilated bodies are found.

Despite the de-occupation of the left-bank part of the Kherson region, the occupiers continue to kill civilians. So, as of November 26, the Russians killed more than 30 people in the liberated territory .

At the same time, the enemy carried out 54 strikes on the territory of the region only in the past day  . As a result, the rioters killed one person and injured two others, including a child.

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